Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Evidence Spring Is Here

croquet march 7   12
There are the obvious signs. Everyone sees these and feels hopeful that the passing of winter is near.

croquet march 7
But we all also each have our own indicators that Spring has arrived, activities or rituals that are evidence that it's time to start enjoying warmer temperatures and fresh air. One of those special things for my guys is getting to play croquet with their grandpa. They play so frequently (and, ahem, competitively) that this is the 4th or 5th set of mallets they've owned. I've said before that if they had their way, croquet would be a contact sport.

croquet march 7  2
This one was in rare form. He's usually out for blood, just like the rest of them. He seemed content just having everyone outside playing together.

croquet march 7  3
And of course there was lots of razzing. Will never passes up an opportunity. . .

croquet march 7  4
even though he knows there will always be retaliation. The threat of pulling a tooth is always effective.

croquet march 7  5
This one's not really confused about how to play croquet.

croquet march 7  6
He has his own spring love.

And I'm happy to have the opportunity to get some photos without the use of a flash!
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1 comment:

Kristi Smith said...

I want my pics all crisp like these. Nice job.

I hate that game. ;)

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