Friday, March 19, 2010

The Rewards (Awards?) of Composting

I'm a simple girl. It's the little, everyday things that impress me. And I'm a believer that people should be recognized for achieving greatness. So I'm thinking I need to see what the Polk County record for biggest pile of rabbit turds is. I think my husband deserves to be memorialized in every way possible for making my gardening experience so much easier.
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Kristi Smith said...

You still haven't told me where all this rabbit poop is coming from?

I would love to give your husband a rabbit turd award.

Kendra said...

His mom raises rabbits. I think she has around 200 of them at any given time. She doesn't do anything in moderation.


Kristi Smith said...

What does she do with all those rabbits? I am guessing that she eats them. Wow. That is a lot of poor bunny wabbits. Hope Donna doesn't read this.

Kendra said...

She rarely eats it. She has a breeding stock. They're all named and hugged and kissed every day. Donna would love that! But she sells the babies.

Michelle said...

this stuff is gold !

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