Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Cleaning - The Outdoor Edition

2010 gardening march 5
Last Friday I went to the garden to start getting the garden ready for my Spring plantings.

2010 gardening march 5  2
I always get overwhelmed when I go out and assess things in the garden for the first time each year. I see the weeds I didn't bother to pull up the previous fall, the tomato ties I didn't feel like cutting loose.

2010 gardening march 5  3
Then I force myself to go look at an area I really neglected and I think I really should ground myself. But I realize a better punishment would be to make myself clean the mess up.

2010 gardening march 5  4
Next I meander over to the area that will show the first signs of promise, the strawberry beds, and I start feeling hopeful.

2010 gardening march 5  3
But then I remember this and how I'm supposed to be cleaning it up.

2010 gardening march 5  5
Instead, I look and see this. I know this indiscretion must not go unpunished so I march straight into the house to confront the deliquent who didn't make sure this made it back into the trash can after a recent late-night raccoon raid.

Once in the house, some emergency arose. I know it was an emergency because I that is the only acceptable excuse for forgetting about both the Dorito bag and the raised bed that needed cleaning.

march 8
And 3 days later when I looked out the window, my laziness was not only shamed by Shawn's focus and zeal when it comes to getting things done but it was also rewarded by making the job more difficult. See the small raised bed in the upper left-hand corner? that's the neglected herb bed. My wonderful hubby considered what was left over from last year to be organic material and topped off my boxes with partially composted manure. Since that organic material was herbs and loaded with bazillions of seeds, I had to dig all that mess out from under a heap of rabbit poop. I have to say learning a hard lesson like that really stinks, in more than one way.
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jkhenson said...

You are always inspiring-in more ways than one. I'm so inspired to go dig in my garden, tidy up and think ahead to the plants, now! :) Both my perennial bed and vegetable plot have a lot of promise (if only their promise wouldn't feed the deer, too! ;))
Your learned lessons and hard working family are also wonderful lessons to me!
Thank you! You are a blessing! :)

Kristi Smith said...

lol, that is funny. Why rabbit poop though?

Ugh, I would like a garden but that looks like a lot of work and you know how I feel about work. ;)

Michelle said...

Love the garden photos. Hope to see a lot more and will follow you on the Fiskars gardening blog (correct?).
Can't wait to get my garden started, but mine is still covered with snow.

Kendra said...

Thanks, Michelle! The articles will be on the Fiskars website and the first one is supposed to be there April 1.

Emily Pitts said...

i am so glad i'm not the only one who neglects the end of harvest duties. my beds are covered in snow right now, that's my excuse for not getting out there right now and cleaning up. maybe next week.

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