Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Good Egg

easter eggs 4-3-10
The boys colored eggs without me this year. At the time, it made me feel like I was being a bad mom. I wasn't making an Easter memory with them. We went to Oklahoma Friday and didn't get home until 8 PM Saturday. A little later than I planned so, because I was rushed, I filled plastic eggs in another room while they colored the hard boiled ones.

Later when I was putting them away, this one took my bad-mom guilt away. He gets it. Without any reminders from me, his priorities are right. And he made a teachable moment for his little brother. I'm quite sure it was different than my teachable moments. He probably did it without a lot of talk. He probably did it with no talk. He probably did it the way you should, by example. When I was putting them away, his little brother picked up this one and said, "This one is my favorite. It's my favorite because Easter's about Jesus."
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Pam said...

Oh man that melts my heart!

latisha said...

Best colored egg I've ever seen!

Catbert said...

I love it!

jkhenson said...

The best, without a doubt. Your boys get it. :) Thanks for sharing the moment. :) Happy Easter!

Stamping with Heather said...

Such a heart warming moment - thanks so much for sharing!

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