Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Great Mysteries of Life When You're 8

mc donalds breakfast with will
We got to hang out alone yesterday. Of course we hang out alone all the time. It's just that some days of hanging out alone are more fun than others.

Yesterday was city-wide garage sale day for our little town. If you live in a big city, that would be about the same as a neighborhood having a community garage sale day. It's really the only thing I miss about living in KC anymore. I miss good restaurants but I can find a good restaurant every single time I go back to KC. I can't find a good garage sale every time I go back. Spring and summer sports with the boys make it nearly impossible to get back to KC on the weekends when garage sale season is good. So city-wide garage sale day here in Bolivar gives me a little bit of what I'm missing.

mc donalds breakfast with will 2
Since I can't trick Will into thinking going to garage sales is fun for nearly as long as I could with Caelan, I have to work harder at bribing him. Dangling the prospect of finding Legos only works for so long. Breakfast at McDonalds is a really good bargaining tool.

We had a detailed discussion about pancakes. McDonald's pancakes are a lot like Granny's. They're not at all like mine. And McDonald's stacks their pancakes, just like Granny does. Can I please start stacking his pancakes? Why do people stack their pancakes, anyway? How did they get that design on the pat of butter when the container it came in has a smooth surface? Why doesn't the butter melt as well as the butter at home?

mc donalds breakfast with will 3
And just like that, the pancakes were gone. But the questions were not. "Mom, how do we know our watches have the right time? How do we know it's not really 1 o'clock instead of 2 o'clock since the time God made the world?"
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at the Blue Barn said...

These photos are priceless!

I left you a gift on my blog - please visit and have a happy one!!

Jennifer McIntyre

Anonymous said...

Nothing is better then special times with kids. Where do these kids comes up with the questions? I don't remember coming up with such huge questions. They really stump me some times.

Jenny Gambriel

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