Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How To Have a Successful Garden Soil Party

amending garden soil 2
I have a new gardening article up on the Fiskars website on amending garden soil.

amending garden soil 4
You can come see how having an 8-year-old boy help you throw a party in honor of your soil has magical powers over its success.

amending garden soil 6
We had our garden first soil party 2 years ago and have gone from growing vegetables in soil that looks like this. . .

amending garden soil 7
to soil that looks like this. We're so proud of all our garden has overcome since it was born 5 years ago. We just know it has a wildly successful future ahead of it.

It's best if you ask for the assistance of a boy who has cow and/or rabbit friends who can provide the refreshements for your soil. If you can't find a boy with friends who can provide quality refreshments such as Bunny Berries, Cow Pies and Manure Tea, you can always pay someone for the refreshments. The key ingredient, however, is the help of the 8-year-old boy. A 14-year-old boy will work, too. Or a 5-year-old girl. Just make sure you have someone to celebrate with you because partying alone is no fun.

One final suggestion, you should probably have some substitute refreshments on hand. Some party goers can be picky eaters and will wrinkle their nose up at a cow pie.

You can read more about our garden soil on the Fiskars website. If, after you read it, you decide to go in search of ingredients to improve your soil please ask for Sphagnum, not Sphagmum, Peat Moss. I now need to have a party in honor of my spell check which clearly pointed out my error and I clearly missed.
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Michelle said...

great article Kendra ! I need to get outside and dig my garden. inspired now. thanks !

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