Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Join Me In the Garden!

article 1 garden preparation
My first gardening article for the Fiskars website is up! My whole family is excited about this new venture. I'm excited because I enjoy writing and really want to encourage family gardening by being real, sharing both our successes and failures. Shawn's excited because, since I'll be writing these articles bi-weekly through the fall and photos will be included, the garden will be very well tended this year. The boys are excited because we got a lot of great Fiskars garden tools to make our job easier this year. Which reminds me of something I need to clarify.

In the article, I write about the added expense of giving each boy his own set of tools. My point was that for anyone, this would be an added expense but, from the results I experienced through doing this, the benefits make the added expense well worth it. I executed this poorly in the article and with my example, it reads as if there was added expense for me personally. I need to clarify upfront that any Fiskars tools I use have been provided to me by Fiskars. I'm sure most readers get that but I don't want anyone to think I'm being dishonest!

hummingbird feeder bottles
Also new on the Fiskars website is an article I wrote on crafting for the garden. You can see how I recycled this already fantastic SoBe bottle. . .

hummingbird feeder
into this hummingbird feeder. I'm going to hang it outside today.

I included the Vitamin Water bottle and peanut butter jar lid in the first photo to show that you can recycle a variety of materials to make them with children as well. Glass bottles and glass etching cream don't make for a very kid-friendly craft!

Also included in the article are instructions for making the fabric garden markers shown in the photo at the top.

I hope you'll click on the links and find something useful for your family in these articles!
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sherlonkahkai said...

Love the birdfeeder -- too cute and absolutely upcycled beauty! I just purchased my first Fiskar garden tools -- handheld shovel and rake -- to use with our Cub Scout den. I just might add the bird feeder, too.

Kristi Smith said...

I feel so jilted. lol You are so funny. You worry too much. ;)

Such cute projects. I love the little vegetables, what a cute idea and I like how you showed how to use the Fiskars templates to make them.

I really would like to have a garden, but who would take care of it for me? :)

Michelle said...

Kendra, I am very excited to read your gardening articles. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hummingbird feeder ! I must make one, definitely. Off to go read your articles now. Very excited for you and for us for getting to follow you along in the garden.

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