Monday, April 26, 2010

Looks Can Be Deceiving or The Humbling of a Scrapbooking Mother

Many years ago, like during the during the days when you had to meet in the corner of someone's basement in a secret location deep in the backwoods before you could open your "acceptable" scrapbook album and reveal the evil and destructive BRADS you used on your layouts, I discovered this magazine called Creative Keepsakes. As I became familiar with some of the regular contributors (who taught me to embrace my use of brads and paint and big lumpy layouts,) I noticed one of them in particular created layouts of one of her children ALL THE TIME yet the other one rarely made an appearance. I thought to myself Her poor son. What will he think when he gets older? I'LL never be like THAT. I will devote equal time to creating layouts for MY children. You just have to be diligent and say the right things and they will always smile for you so you have photos to scrapbook.

12 years later, I'm here to tell you I have kept that promise. Since I (sadly) rarely ever scrapbook anymore, my children get equal time devoted to them. Practically none. However, since blogging is basically memory keeping and scrapbooking is basically memory keeping, I often wonder if anyone out there looks at my blog and pities Caelan because I blog about Will most of the time.

The truth is, taking photos of boys once they reach the teen years is HARD. Yes, if you take them to a professional photographer and threaten to make them go pick up their date on a bicycle when they turn 16 if they waste your money by not being cooperative little angels, they will give you what you want. But in your everyday life, you're likely to get lots of this.

caelan 4 10
This is one of the good ones. What am I supposed to do with this? Caelan is such a kind-hearted boy at 14. He's patient with his little brother, finding time to play with him every single day, building him up, helping coach his sports teams. He gets up 45 minutes before school to take care of chickens and feed the dogs and take out the trash without complaint. He gets straight A's. The only thing in life he really gets annoyed with is his precious, caring mother
and her camera.

Or I could mention that bowl of fruit that looks like it's perched on his shoulder. Just like the cartoon of the angel on one shoulder, the devil on the other, Caelan is constantly tempted by the candy drawer. He's been working hard at overcoming the lure of the candybars, proud that he's replacing the desire for something from the candy drawer with something from the fruit bowl. Don't let that look of utter annoyance on his face confuse you. He just has absolutely no tolerance for his dear, sweet mother
and her camera.

I have all these wonderful things to share about Caelan but his appearance in photos always seems to contradict what I write.

So imagine how excited I was the other day when I pointed the camera at him and he did this!
caelan on tractor
Awww! What a sweet boy. He understands how important it is for his posterity to see evidence that he loved life and put his whole heart into it.

And then I was smacked in the face with reality. This was the source of that smile.
caelan on tractor 2
He was playing a dirty, mean trick on his loving, devoted mother
and her camera.

I'll take it. I now have proof that the boy did know how to smile and have fun.
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LollyChops said...

I didn't know you had another son?

Just kidding!!!!! hehehehe

Courtney Walsh said...

hahahhaha. that's awesome. he's a smart one, that boy!!

i had a revelation that sophia gets a lot more scrap time (well, when I used to scrap) too because I find the girly products so much more...well, cute. now, the bad news is that I had another kid just about the time I quit scrapbooking... guess how many pages I've done about him?


sigh. it's so unfair.

these pics are great. I love your blog! :)

jkhenson said...

My poor girls hardly ever get "alone" photos-I always make them stand together, unless we're at a sporting event! :)

And neither of them like their photos taken either (the react... well, like I do, and duck for cover... oops.) My youngest has taken to sticking her tongue out just as the camera flashes. She watches the blinking light about to flash and bam! Ruins a photo.

Kristi Smith said...

lol @ LollyChops! Good thing I lived next door to you or maybe I would have said the same thing. :) Just kidding.

Did you know I have a kid? Because pretty much all I take photos of now is my dog. :)

He is the best poser. And I love all his faces.

Although neither one of us can talk, people tried to take photos of me the other day and I was like, "No, I look terrible, I am not photogenic!" If Matt has my camera, I make him take at least 100 before I find one I like, of course, that is after I photoshop any resemblance of me away. :)

I used some brads the other day . . .

Liz in MO said...
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gscrapbooks said...

My oldest son will be 15 next month... I totally could have written this. :-) On another note, my daughter is 16 and she wont give me a normal smile, it has to always be some posed smirk. My 8 year old son is the only one who wants to participate.

Kendra said...

Too funny, Lolly!

I agree about the boy vs girl products, Courtney. I don't complain about it anymore, though, because other than stars and circles, I don't have a great solution for boy embellishments.

Kristi, T-Bone is your kid, too! At least he should be considered one since he gets treated better than most kids.

I have lots of palm photos, too, Liz!

I vote we stop all growing up at 8-years-old. It only goes downhill for scrapbookers from there.

Matt Nicolosi said...

Your blog is always so refreshing, Kendra. I love your easy, candid writing style and self-deprecating humor. I always leave your blog just a little bit happier than when I arrived.

suzyplant said...

hahaha - I love this post! I can SO relate. Thane stopped letting me take photos of him at about 16 and it just gets worse and worse. I only have photos with him turned or making ugly faces at me. So I laughed when I read this post - you are so cute! "and her camera". Yep - totally relate! Love the picture before the prank though - it turned out perfect! suzy

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