Thursday, May 20, 2010


I finally did it! I've gone down to my room several times in the past to take pictures of it and given up in frustration. I'm not complaining a bit about the size as far as being functional but for taking photos, the room is small. My best lens is a 50mm lens and on a DSLR in a room that's about 10' x 10', you can't get back far enough to get much in your photos. Add to that the need for additional light provided by an providing-additional-light challenged person and it's just not worked out well in the past. I went down there 2 days ago, though, armed with the kit lens that came with my first film camera, my external flash and Pocket Wizards, a sheet of white foam core, and the resolve to post photos no matter what I got. I ended up with 30+ photos to share with you guys! I have them all edited but between Shawn needing the computer the past 2 days (apparently we need to eat more than you guys need to see photos of my room) and thunderstorms which force me to unplug the modem to keep our hard drive from being fried for a 5th time, I haven't had time to blog them. If the skies are clear this evening, I'll get them all on here with info about why I've used the things I've used in the room.

Until then, I'll take you on a detour. This is a photo of our favorite way to eat strawberries. It's almost embarrassing but it's the honest truth.

best way to eat strawberries
A Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Cake mix. That's it. Normally we have a scoop of Breyer's Natural Vanilla Ice Cream on top but I forgot to buy more on my past 2 trips to the store (would you believe I use a grocery list?) so we've been eating it plain. No one has complained.

I hope my detour doesn't cause any road rage. I tried to take you all on the route with the best scenery!
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LollyChops said...

Can't wait to see the photos! I have the same issue with my 50mm (but I love that lens with all my heart so it's ok)!!!!

Rachel said...

We made fresh strawberry ice cream with ours. I put chocolate on the ice cream and then pile on more strawberries. It's too good to share, way too good.

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