Sunday, May 2, 2010

Matriarchal Mayhem

I've been having a bit of a pity-party about my disorganization the last week or so. There are times being an unorganized person causes more than the normal, bearable amount of chaos. This last week was definitely one of those weeks. My guys tolerate it remarkably well which I appreciate more than they know. When I don't fulfill my daily duties, it throws my chaos off onto them and there's nothing they can do about it.

will hilling potatoes
We've been doing a whole lot of gardening. Since I'm writing gardening articles for Fiskars this summer, I have to do everything I can to try and make it successful. Will is hilling the potato plants here. Our bell pepper plants are in the foreground. At the end of the raised beds is a patch of weeds the size of a house that would cause the makers of Round Up experience elevated heart rates. We'll be tackling (and defeating) that next week.

baseball caelan 2010
Our evenings have been busy with baseball. Would someone please tell me how you're supposed to do this and feed your family dinner without serving tacos or spaghetti and meatballs every night? Seriously. Do I have to buy a crock pot?

Saturdays we watch this.
will QB 5-1-10
I love this photo. Love it. He threw for a first down at the sideline.

mary heart martha world
And, ironically, I'm supposed to have this read by May 12 for the book club I'm in. I haven't started it yet.

But today is the start of a new week! The dawn of a new beginning. A fresh start. The genesis of a June Cleaver week. White dresses. Heels. Lipstick. Dinner waiting in the oven. Boys that say, "Gee, that's SWELL!" Hmmm. Maybe I'll allow a tiny bit of that chaos.
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tammy said...

I am so jealous of that garden! I so want a garden! It would be a lone ranger project for me I would surely hear the grumblings when asked to help instead of focusing on God's cool awesomeness in providing fruit and vegetables after their own kind! I think it's pretty amazing!!! I know you'll get that book done in're the woman! Oh, and crockpots are really not that bad! I have some pretty cool recipes for it! How about just lots of fresh veggies, fruit, carckers and cheese for dinner...good for ya, filling and stuff your body can use!!! Blessings!

LisaNRoxy said...

I have the book and love it! I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Kendra said...

Tammy, my youngest hasn't quite grasped "God's cool awesomeness in providing fruit and vegetables" so I have to bribe with cool gardening tools. You help (with a good attitude!) = you play with your friends seems to work wonders, too. He's perfectly happy once we get going but getting started is a bit of a challenge. I couldn't keep the oldest out of the garden if I tried.

Lisa, you turned up the pressure! If I can read 30 pages a day, I'll have it read by next Monday. Starting today!!!

Anonymous said...

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