Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

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One day last week, Shawn said the boys asked what they could get me for Mother's Day. I told him I really wanted some potted flowers to put on the porch. I always neglect our porch and with all of our muddy farm boots and shoes, the dogs' food dishes (they're pigs when they eat so I've banished them from eating in the house,) and various toy guns and containers of BBs lying around, I'm pretty sure if you look up white trash in the dictionary, you'll see a photo of my porch. We always put our houseplants out there during the summer months but it really needs some color so I asked for flowers.

Knowing they'd be using their own money, I walked through Wal Mart's garden center to make sure there were some decent plants they could choose from. Caelan has a very discerning eye when it comes to landscaping so I was relieved to see that although they had all the standards like petunias and impatiens, there were a few cool twists on the usual, including some little petunias that were chartreuse trimmed in deep, dark purple and some wildly colorful mixed Calibrachoa. The main reason for picking Wal Mart was to limit the choices which translates to keeping Caelan reigned in.

We've all been sick and with a full schedule, a trip didn't get made to pick out plants until Saturday afternoon. I was dropped off at Subway to order lunch between our morning of a football game and a baseball game and our afternoon of racing. We had a window of about an hour to get into racing mode and hit the road. So when I finished up standing in line and ordering and then found myself waiting at the front door of Subway for almost 15 minutes, I began getting worried that Shawn had forgotten to come back and pick me up after "going to the bank." It wasn't until I got in the car after he finally returned and I smelled that familiar "green" smell that I realized where they'd been. He kind of rolled his head around and got a you-won't-believe-this look on his face but I knew now wasn't the time to discuss.

We got home and raced around to pack the car and eat lunch. As we ran out the door to leave, I started laughing and understood the look on Shawn's face. He's not done much flower shopping with Caelan before. There were enough plants on the porch to fill at least 5 flower pots. I said, "I told you to take them to Wal Mart. What happened?" He said he tried and Caelan pleaded his case that they wouldn't have anything good. Shawn stressed that I specifically said to take them to Wal Mart but Caelan persisted and they ended up at the nursery where he promptly dropped $35. A pretty penny for a 15-year-old and an 8-year-old, especially when the 8-year-old had no say in the purchase! Shawn said he argued with Caelan over how quickly the basket was filling and he finally gave up. He said setting Caelan loose in a nursery is like letting me loose in a scrapbook store. The porch ought to look fantastic this summer!

mother's day 2010
Here is one of the arrangements he made up. I love our aged, weathered terra cotta pots! I should have turned it so the tall flower was facing me but I took this when it was nearly dark and I was more concerned about handholding the camera without blurring the photo.

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And, of course, I got a handmade card from Will. I know I won't be getting these much longer and it makes me really sad. Truly. If this is the last year I get one, I'm going out with a bang because this one was so cute. He even made sure he spelled Mother's Day inside the card correctly by copying it off the calendar.

They spent the day asking me if they could finish up whatever task I was doing when they caught me working. They made me feel so awesome.

I read a post from a Facebook friend Sunday which asked Would you rather spend Mother's Day with your kids or have the day to yourself? Without a bit of hesitation, I answer that one With my kids!
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Liz in MO said...

Awww, brought tears to my eyes!!! I got 10 baby chicks for mother's day, if you think picking out flowers is hard, you should go pick out chicks, and of course all the cool ones were straight runs (which I now know means you may get all roosters) and Jeff would only let us get one because if we ended up with another rooster Pearl (our current banty rooster) might get upset!). Also, the picture of your dog with the chicken in the cage is like our Lab, he lays in front of the cage and keeps watch over them and growls at the cats when they get too close. If he's not careful they are going to think he's their mama!!!

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