Saturday, May 22, 2010


I've had some people comment that I haven't been on Facebook as much lately. After looking back over the last year at the increased amount of time I spent sitting in front of the computer, and looking at the scale that tells me I've gained 12 pounds in that time, I couldn't deny that there had to be a connection. The first clue was when I noticed my mom has stopped asking, "Are you eating? You don't look healthy." Having birthed me nearly 39 years ago, I would think she would be used to my boney, flat-chested figure by now!

She says I look healthier now but I'm not healthier. I'm terribly out of shape and Will gets far too much enjoyment from poking my "jiggly stomach." I may look more "normal" to those around me now and I may still be considered thin but where I am is not the natural body God gave me. I don't care where you start, if you're gaining 12 pounds in a year, you're not going to be happy! And I knew if I didn't make some changes, I was likely to find myself gaining 12 pounds every year.

I stopped buying jeans with the intention of losing the weight before I did but as I was out running errands today, I was thinking a lot about the fact that I was wearing the only pair of jeans I own that don't have a hole in an inappropriate place. And the only thing holding them up (since the button is missing from them) was the belt I was wearing! Even the work jeans I wear are worn out to the point of being useless.

I drove past a garage sale and decided not to stop since all they had was clothes. Fortunately the house was on a street that ended in a cul-de-sac so when I turned around and drove back by, I changed my mind and stopped.

I came away with 4 pairs of BKE, 2 pairs of American Eagle, and a pair of Maurice's jeans for $30. 1 pair of AE hadn't been worn and 1 pair of BKE had been worn once. Not too bad for far less than the price you pay for a new pair of good jeans! Now I just have to make sure I don't become too comfortable in my new perfectly fitting jeans! I'm going to make myself accountable now, just to be sure that doesn't happen. I'll share that I'm going to start P90X on Monday. Feel free to keep me accountable over the next few months!

Romantic Home Sewing
I was also excited to find this. It was on my wish list and I'd planned on having to pay more than the $1 I paid for it today!

So my 30 minutes of tooling around town today going to garage sales turned out to be pretty successful. And then it was time to go pick Shawn and the boys up from baseball practice.

On the way home, we saw this.
I rolled my window down to take a picture of him and he said, "Wait! You need a picture of the other side, too."

protest 2
When I finished, he said, "Now you remember what you read here today. Don't you forget it."

I thanked him. And I meant it. It's refreshing to see people out there sacrificing their time to speak out about where our politicians are taking us.
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Carly (It's My Life) said...

Wow Kendra, I totally relate. Your blog and jewels at the roving stove's blog are my favorite. They always tell these stories we relate too and sit back and go "right on". Haven't messed with my blog recently, but mine is Help suggest? I have so much to put but organize it? forget it, lol

Jenifer W said...

Kendra, Next time you go garage salin call me =)
I am excited for you to be starting P90X. FYI.. I think you are beautiful. The exercise will be good to keep you healthy and strong =) I want to talk to AS SOON AS YOU FINISH the first DVD. I do not care what time it is !!

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