Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Poor, Poor, Poor Me. Poor, Poor, Pitiful Me

sad me

I was feeling (typically) goofy yesterday afternoon when I took this lovely photo! I realized later that it summed up a lot of my day. I felt like this:

  • when we left the nursery after spending an hour looking around at flowers. I had the bright idea to wear jeans yesterday. I was miserable at that nursery. MISERABLE. All caps. That's when I took this pic.

  • when we were sitting in the movie theater where the air conditioning was broken. I specifically wore jeans because movie theaters are always freezing.

  • when I was watching Toy Story 3. Killer on a mom's heart. I cried enough that as we were leaving, Caelan told me he felt sorry for me knowing I wasn't going to handle him going away to college well. And the tears started again.

  • as Will and I (finally) did P90X for the first time. Ouchie. I think I'll be making this face a lot today!

    But as I said, I was just being goofy. The frown was temporary because each of these things that made me do it were temporary. I have some really great memories with my kids yesterday! And besides, how can I stay sad. Tony says I'm going to be ripped in 90 days!
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    rvcampa said...

    Kendra- Oh how I love you... despite the fact that I can tell from this photo that you are being unfaithful to me by dying your hair. :P

    Kristi Smith said...

    lol. I have been wearing shorts in public!!! I wore them to Wal-Mart yesterday and I wore them to the doctor's office today! It is too hot to be vain. If you don't like my skinny, white bird legs . . . look away!!!

    Cole said I would like Toy Story, now I am scared to see it.

    I can't wait to see you ripped but I may be a tad jealous. :)

    candice said...

    We got P90x about two months ago...haven't looked at it since I opened it in the mail. haha

    Kendra said...

    I'm supposed to do day 4 today. It's almost 10 PM and I haven't done it yet. I'm not sure I can get down on the floor to do it!

    Sasha Holloway said...

    LOL .. sorry but this cracked me up girl .. and I feel you on that P90 OUCH is right .. SUPERMAN/BANANA BOAT .. ha!

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