Friday, July 9, 2010

Checking In

Hi! Remember me? My days have been overflowing and while I'm missing blogging, I'm enjoying what my full days are producing.

career step
I'm getting faster at typing. And while it feels a little funny to be making flash cards for myself instead of my boys, it's the best way I know to ingrain all these medical terms in my brain. I'm 1/2 way through the grammar module right now. Holding on to the knowledge that this is the last easy section. From here, I move on to Block 1 of Anatomy, Pathophysiology, and Disease Processes. I may need a case of index cards!

gardening 2010 carrots
I'm still doing 2 gardening articles a month for Fiskars. A new one just went up this morning. If you want to see the the good, the bad, and the ugly (emphasis on the bad and the ugly) in my garden, be sure to check it out!

blackberries and green beans
Writing the articles of Fiskars is motivation for me to keep on top of my garden this year. While the guys were out frogging a few nights ago,

blackberry jam 2010
I did this. The blackberries came from my mother-in-laws garden, the green beans from mine. I canned 6 quarts of beans and all the jam you see here, plus 2 more pints. The rest of the blackberries went into Shawn's favorite peach/blackberry pie (which were were far too anxious to eat for me to stop and take a photo) and the freezer. The jam is FANTASTIC. It was my first time making blackberry jam and there is NO comparison to store-bought. Ridiculously easy to make, too.

baseball will 2010 championship game pre-game
We've spent lots o' time at the ball field the past couple of months. So proud of my guys. Shawn and Caelan coached these guys through a 10-0 season. I took this photo as they waited to take the field for the last game of the tournament that would decide the championship. Everyone was so nervous because they faced a team of formidable opponents! The Tigers had beaten the other team (which Caelan is certain called themselves the Jayhawks!) twice already but the last game they played was uncomfortably close. This one was even closer! In the top of the final inning, the Tigers were ahead 11-10 with 2 outs.

baseball will 2010 championship game final play
If you look closely under the Jayhawks' coach's arm, you can see the game ending catch. That's our first baseman, 8-year-old Will McCracken, who ran back into foul territory to catch an infield fly! All those hours out in the yard with his big brother pitching balls high into the sky paid off more than once this season, but this one was the icing on the cake.

baseball will 2010 championship game dog pile
And the celebration!

In closing today, I have 2 things to share! If you haven't seen it, I have to point out this wonderful post Stephanie Howell had on her blog a couple of days ago about being content with (and reveling in) what the realities of being a mother are. My boys are older now and it's time for me to move along with them from grocery store adventures to ball field and race track adventures, from counting to five over screaming toddlers to counting to 5 over letting go of my teenager, but there is so much truth to what she's written, no matter what stage of childhood you're experiencing!

The other thing I want to share is a sweet blog award I got from Jamie at Walkin' In High Cotton. It's called the Blog With Substance Award. I'm so flattered any time I someone chooses me for one of these blog awards, just as I am when I look at another person's blog and see my blog linked in their blogroll! Thank you, Jamie! And thank you to those of you who have been peeking in on my blog even though I haven't been posting lately. I hope you all are enjoying your summer days!
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Kristi Smith said...

Great pics! Love the one of the boys all piled on top of the poor kid on the bottom. lol Congrats to them and to Will! How fun!

Yuck @ the index cards . . . glad I am through with learning. lol

Michelle said...

Hi Kendra, Great photos.

I think I found your gardening article, but not sure? says by Katrina Simeck ?

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