Friday, July 30, 2010

Mars vs. Venus

August Fiskars Project

You're witnessing the birth of a new Fiskars project. Today I'll be washing and pressing and cutting and, hopefully, sewing. And I'll be doing lots of praying that I chose my fabrics wisely. This is for Will and since I nixed the request for camouflage material, I agreed to try to match Lego colors. But he didn't want yellow. Or green. So I got out the Pottery Barn catalog and nagged convinced him to agree that a little bit of green would look good. If I would have been thinking, I would have manipulated pointed out to him that camouflage is green and he's getting the best of both worlds.

eating cantaloupe 1
We have an unsettled dispute in our home. Shawn and the boys love cantaloupe.

eating cantaloupe 2
I, on the other hand, would rather eat brussel sprouts on ice cream. Or a peanut butter and liver sandwich. Not really. I just wrote that so you would understand the depths of my disdain for melon.

eating cantaloupe 3
It's not my whole body that has an aversion to melon. My eyes think the orange flesh is beautiful. My hands take great satisfaction from pulling one from the vines in my garden, feeling the weight of something I nurtured for the enjoyment of my family, imagining the looks of bliss on their faces when they eat it. My brain marvels at how God makes something that prefers very little water as it grows yet is about 80% water. Even my nose can't deny the sweet fragrance is exhilarating. But my tastebuds, they protest vehemently.

eating cantaloupe 4
Every summer I put my tastebuds to the test, hoping they've matured or lost their discriminating properties or are somehow now willing to be bullied into allowing a bite of melon to pass by them. However you want to classify it, I do try to like melon.

eating cantaloupe 5
Wednesday was my annual melon-tasting ceremony. And I failed. Spit it right into the trash after 2 chews. I told Shawn about it yesterday and the discussion ended with him issuing a disgusting-food-eating challenge. He had to eat an entire banana. I had to eat an equal amount of cantaloupe.

eating cantaloupe 7
When it was all said and done, we were both in tears. His were from laughter, mine were from excessive gagging as I forced myself to swallow each bite. He has proclaimed himself the winner because, since he didn't gag, he is stronger. I feel I won the contest because clearly it was far more difficult for me and I did not quit. I sure hope this doesn't come down to a rematch. I don't think I'll survive meatloaf vs. chicken gizzards.
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jkhenson said...

I loved the photos! :) I don't mind cantaloupe (which my dad always called muskmelon?) or watermelon, but honeydew-ick. I don't love the orange melon, but I can eat it (without gagging ;)) I have been forcing myself to eat fresh green peppers. I read it's a runner's "super food"... I love the crunchy texture, but hate the flavor... still working on it. I've tried putting it in things, like a wheat tortilla with turkey and a little mayo... Loved this post. :)))

Jenny G said...

I go through the same challenge with myself every year!!! I love the look and smell so each year I attempt to take a bite and fail. Glad to know I am not the only one with this melon issue.

Thanks for the great post! A good laugh is always the best way to start a weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Does this mean you're making a QUILT?? I can't WAIT to read all about it. I have never quilted, but am tempted to jump in ... but very few quilting supply stores where I live (Abu Dhabi in the UAE) so not much in the way of hands on guidance available. I don't doubt that I could choose fabric, cut in accordance with instructions, sew, iron etc, but the thing which freaks me out is the actual quilting part. Do you need a special machine for that? Please keep us posted, and I'll check out the Fiskars site also.

Also, BTW, intrigued about your comments on the "Letoa's Garden" book last week. A bit cryptic. I'm assuming it's a "self help" or spiritual/guidance book rather than a book about gardening, but it may be both ...


Kendra said...

Jen, green bell peppers are my favorite thing from my garden!

I read last week that what Americans call cantaloupe (with the webbed pattern on the skin) is actually muskmelon and that true cantaloupe have a smooth skin with some "warting" on it. I thought that was interesting!

Jennifer, I AM attempting a quilt! And I have the same attitude about it. I know I can assemble the quilt but I've never quilted. My MIL lives less than 5 minutes away and every stitch in her quilts is done by hand, including the piecing. So I'm sure I'll be asking for her advice a lot.

I found a book at the library written by a woman who prefers using her home sewing machine to a long arm quilting machine. And she shows how to quilt without having to mark the patterns on your quilt. The designs progress from easy to complex. Here's a link!

Jennifer said...

Kendra - I have to tell you - you've inspired me to take the leap. I ordered fabric online today! And a copy of the book! I'll keep you posted on my project if you'll keep me posted on yours.


Farmers 8 Daughters said...

I don't have quite as strong an aversion to cantaloupe, but it's not my favorite either. A nursery down the road from me gave me a bunch of leftover seedlings in early July, and there were 6 6-packs of cantaloupe in there that I planted. They are all growing nicely, and some I will put in our farm share, some sell in our farm stand, but the rest may be too many :-) My mom said I could freeze melon balls and use them in smoothies. I may try that and it may not be as bad that way.

BossyMommy said...

I am so with you here. I can't stand cantaloupe. And I gave up the annual taste testing years ago. But I do, on a regular basis, whip out a container of Ben n Jerry's to see if I still like it. Success every time!

You should try that.

mary said...

I thought I was the only one who hated Cantaloupe...bleh...the texture is gross and it never seems cold...just damp. Oh yucko.

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