Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The McCracken Cliff Notes

I started a long, heartfelt post this morning about seeing the blessings in being pulled in all different directions at this time in my life. For some reason, I'm having a difficult time putting and ending to it. I suppose that means need to reflect more on what I've written and figure out what I'm not seeing yet! So for today, a few glimpses of life for me (when I'm not studying) recently.

show me baseball camp 2010
Caelan went to baseball camp in Branson 2 weeks ago. It was the first time he'd been away from home so it was a little hard on all of us. Between the drive there and back to drop him off, the fortunate invitation by the camp for parents to come watch the nightly games, and the drive there and back to get him, we made the 4 hour drive 4 times that week. That didn't take into account the time watching games, stopping to eat meals, or killing 5 hours one of those days between the time Shawn got off work and the time the game was supposed to start. The game that ended up getting rained out, of course. He had a fantastic time (even though he didn't know anyone prior to going) and learned a lot. We highly recommend Show-Me Baseball Camp!

garden 2010 july 22 harvest
This takes up a whole lot of our time. This harvest in my wheelbarrow is all from one day. I was canning tomatoes today and, even though I had about 10 quarts more to do, did a silent cheer when I ran out of lids. I have to be completely honest and admit I do not enjoy canning tomatoes. I don't even have a great satisfaction when I finish. I take the lid of the canner and see 5 quarts and I can't believe it took me an hour and a half just to get to that. But by the time February rolls around and we're still eating them instead of store-bought tomatoes, I'm always glad I did it. Even if I didn't enjoy it at the time.

Caelan pre-race
We've logged more long hours of driving for Caelan to race. Another 4 hour drive, plus time doing things like changing gears, spring rates, track bars and blocking, calculating tire pressures, things my girly, arstic mind cannot comprehend. They don't let me touch anything other than the cooler full of pop.

july 27 leota's garden_4092 as Smart Object-1
I read this book over the past 2 weekends because we went racing. I love the writings of Francine Rivers. I can only think of 2 of her books that didn't really resonate with me. This one did and it did so much more than any of her books I've read so far. I had to dig deep with this one, deep into territory I thought I'd dealt with as completely as possible and made peace with. I was wrong. The peace was (and still is) there but there's still room for growth and improvement on my part. I'm so glad I read this before the chance to work on that growth and improvement is gone. I'm missing out on blessings I've hardened my heart to by trying to control the possibility of conflict when the liklihood of that happening is long gone. I'm not trusting in the control I already have being enough. No relationship is perfect yet I expect this one to be.

cucumber pasta salad for blog
I finished an article for Fiskars.

container gardening coreopsis
And another.

recipe book stamping
A snippet of my children's recipe book that posted to the website a few days ago.

chainsaw carved eagle
We went to KC last weekend. I have so many friends there that I need to visit but it never works out that we're there long enough to spend time with more than family. The last time I visited with any friends there was a year ago. I hate that so much because we need to make time for people we care about. There are fiances and girlfriends and grandbabies I need to meet. So I need to work on that over the next few months!

We did manage to squeeze in a visit with the family that lives next door to the house where Shawn grew up. When we pulled up in the driveway, he noticed this in the next door neighbor's yard. This was done using only chainsaws of various sizes and a blow torch. Pretty amazing! And now I want one.

royals game abysmal scoreboard
We made the unfortunate choice of going to this Royals game while we were there. It actually was the reason for our trip this time. The boys had been begging to go all summer. We chose a night when Zach Greinke was pitching with the idea that, not only would it be awesome to see him pitch, we would likely see a winning game. It was obviously not his night. We left shortly after this.

royals game will's glove
Even though Will spent a good deal of time pouting, the rest of us had a really good time. Besides the fact that the Royals lost so badly, Will was upset because he didn't get to use his glove.

royals game 2010 george brett statue
Shawn and I enjoyed the history on display. Oh George, how we love thee.

royals game 2010 HOF museum pine tar bat
You sure did make the game exciting.

royals game 2010 HOF museum
We spent some time in the Hall of Fame Museum.

royals game 2010 caelan
And this one, I can't stop myself from looking at him all the time. He gets weirded out but he'll understand when he has kids some day. I still feel myself looking down at him feeding plastic food to his stuffed Cookie Monster. Now I look up to him to take his picture.

I don't have photos to share of one of the best things going on right now. I mentioned about 5 weeks ago that I'd started P90X. I'm so pleased that I've stayed dedicated to it. I've gotten a few days behind but it's hard to fit and hour to an hour and a half in every single day without fail! I've lost 5 of the 12 pounds I gained over the last year. Better than that is how much better I feel. I don't get winded walking up our steps anymore. I have more energy. I never understood how that could be true when I heard people say it but it is so true. I'm not as tired by the end of the day, even though I'm sweating my tushy off an hour a day and haven't had a day in 5 weeks where my muscles weren't sore. Best of all, I can see the fat deposits are shrinking! And that is the motivation that keeps me going. I can't wait to see the results in another 7 weeks.

My life is overflowing every single day. Most of it is work. All of it is blessing me, growing me, making me better. I wouldn't change a thing.
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Kristi Smith said...

I love that last photo of Caelan, he looks very handsome.

I don't know how you get all that accomplished . . . reading books, the garden, the crafting, the writing,the canning, the games, the races, the working out . . . AMAZING!

Love the pics.

I skipped P90 tonight and walked/jogged 3.6 miles, that just seemed much easier than P90xing it. :)

jkhenson said...

I was so glad to see an update post and see how you all are doing! :) Things look very busy, but happy. :) Want to start p90x again, but running has been wearing me out. :) You've inspired me to start again soon! :)

kL said...

i always love it when you blog
it always feels like i'm sitting down with a sweet friend, catching up, laughing and just having a sweet talk.
happy friday sweetie!

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

Always so much good stuff on your blog. The pics and stories are great, but always there's more there, not quite hidden, but deeper, and making me think. Thanks for that!

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