Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Channeling June Cleaver ( We Were Obviously Experiencing Interference In Our Connection)

I have a new article up on the Fiskars web site where we're celebrating National Sewing Month. Some of you know I have a love for aprons. Well I made another one for this article! I also made a matching insulated casserole carrier. You know the woman who always shows up at your pot luck dinners with a Pyrex dish that doesn't even have a lid so it's covered with aluminum foil? And you know how she always has her dish in a cardboard box lined with a towel? I'm that woman. At least I was that woman. Now I'm this woman.

apron, pot holder, casserole pot holder finished for blog
A little side note. I set my camera up on my tripod and spent an entire afternoon trying to get ONE photo of myself holding this thing. Shawn asked if I wanted him to take the photo and I told him I'd just do it myself. We don't always work together so well when it comes to things like this. I am so uncomfortable in front of a camera that I want to take 100 photos to find the best choice. He wants to take 2 and only because I might have my eyes closed in one of them.

By the time I'd spent the afternoon trying and had yelled at Caelan for telling me the one I chose wasn't the best photo of me, I handed the camera over to Shawn. He took 3 photos. I think he felt bad for me for being so frustrated and took one extra to give me choices! He said something about farting to get me to smile and he made me hold the carrier up like that so I'd stop slouching.

So that's the story behind the "lovely" newer and hipper June Cleaver impersonation there!

Oh, and the frame behind me? It's been sitting there for about 2 years. It still has the mass-produced display photo that comes in a frame in it. What does that say that one of those photos fits in with my decor?

apron, pot holder, casserole finished 2 for blog
A closer view of the carrier and the matching potholder to go with it. Step-by-step instructions for making the pot holder are included in the article. Very easy to make and I will be making lots more of them.

apron, pot holder, casserole finished 3 for blog
And a side view so you can see that they have pockets to protect the back of your hand from heat, too.

The full article can be found here.
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Stacey Kingman said...

You look lovely...and homemaker-y! That fabric is perfect! And I understand about the needing to take 100 pictures. :)

Michelle said...

Wow Kendra, this is great ! You look awesome in the photo, too. You really are very photogenic, honest. Love the whole set you made. Off to get the instructions. Love it !

thejuneleyen said...

Cute story and I think you look great!!! Love the apron and the casserole cover. Being named June I'm always interested in anything related to June Clever.

momma_arch said...

Beautiful as usual! You are so talented Knedra.

Dena said...

I love it. I also love how the pattern shapes and color remind me of your prior post ;o)

Kendra said...

Thanks ladies!

LOL Dena! No wonder I was so enamored by those biscuits!

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

I am hoping when harvest time is over to start sewing again. An apron is first on my list of things to make :-)

I love OLD aprons and always buy them at yard sales. They are never super functional though, usually the 1/2 size, which doesn't protect your shirt. I found great condition vintage pillowcases in an orange/yellow combo at a yard sale this weekend that I intend to give a new life soon :-)
Maybe there will be enough leftover fabric to make a matching potholder. Thanks for the inspiration.

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