Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Night With Old Memories and New

I'm all caught up with my Fiskars projects again. It's always such a relief to be to that point. It means I have time to blog!

video games
And it means I have time to do things like this with the boys at the drop of a hat. No planning ahead needed to fit it in to my day.

Will asked what we were doing last night and I told him I didn't know. He got excited and said he knew exactly what to do. He wanted to get out Ms. Pac Man and dust it off because he knew I loved it when I was little. Awwww. He's my rough-and-tumble one whom I already can't out-wrestle (without the rule that you can't hurt Mom) at age 8. But he's also my people pleaser. Both boys are but it's different for Will. If a nice gesture doesn't work out for Caelan, he figures it's all good. He tried. If it doesn't work for Will, the end to his good day just arrived.

video games will
When he's about 20, he'll be filled with deep seated gratitude and love for me for taking this one. He'll very much appreciate me making the love of his life laugh.

video games caelan
This one will have the same feelings about this photo. If not, I'll be filled with deep seated gratitude and love for me for taking it. It will bring back memories of what an awesome big brother he was because he makes time every single day to play games with Will.
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Kristi Smith said...

Wow, Caelan looks so grown up in this photo. (sigh)

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