Saturday, October 16, 2010


harper and trudy

Trudy's world has been rocked. About a week ago she began struggling with the truth about dogs. She feels like her whole life has been a fraud. A sham. Everything she knows may be one big conspiracy.

It all began when this tiny little fuzzball came to live with us. That day, Trudy was robbed of her joy. It was the day she discovered that as a dog, she is not really required to chase every cat up a tree. Now she's unsure of what to do about the cat from down the road, the one she chases up a tree every single day. This has lead her down the path of questioning everything she's ever known to be dependable in her life. What will happen if she lets one of those buzzards land in the yard instead of chasing them around and around the pasture, barking her fierce warning? Is it possible to identify another being without sniffing their crotch? Is chicken poop really a delicacy? So many unanswered questions. All because of this little creature that weighs 1 pound, 1 ounce.

And I'm right there with her. When the last of the two cats we inherited lost the battle for his 9th life years ago, I vowed no feline would ever (and I meant EVER) be allowed to live with us again. EVER. This caused several moments of turmoil between Shawn and me. His plans for the future include a barn and he says you can't have a barn without a cat. It's the whole rodent-control argument. And since I dislike mice even more than I dislike cats, I compromised and said fine. We can have a barn cat. But no feline will ever (and I meant EVER be allowed to set a paw inside our house again. EVER. It's the whole poop-in-a-box-in-the-house-walk-in-it-and-dig-in-it-and-then-climb-on-the-kitchen-counter-and-table thing. I must be fair and admit the repeated experience with the cat from hell urinating on my kitchen counter might have influenced my strong belief that cats are Satan's demons in furry form.

But then something happened. Will's fish died. And it was all my fault. I hadn't researched the needs of Betta fish. I relied on my past experience with them which always granted our fish the joy of long lives swimming around and around in a 1 gallon fish bowl set on the counter. I'd never considered they are tropical fish and, therefore, have a water temperature requirement. Will cried his little heart out. And he planned a "funerol." He requested to be left alone while he buried his fish. He said he hoped Neon Leon was in God's Golden Pond. He asked me to buy Goldfish crackers, dye one blue, and set it in a bowl of the gold ones as a memorial.

2 days later, Shawn called from work to tell me a woman had brought in a litter of kittens she was getting ready to take to the Humane society. Will begs, for a cat every time he sees one. I no longer wanted to feel like one of Satan's demons in curly-haired form. I caved. I told Shawn to bring one home. He'll begin building his barn in the next couple of weeks so I said that it could live in the basement until the barn was habitable.

By the end of the first day, the cat was upstairs. By the end of the second day, it was in my lap. Or in my arms. On my shoulders. When not in one of those places, it's at my feet, mewing to be picked up. I can't figure out how it can be one of Satan's demons in furry form.

Even though it's destroyed all my defenses, I'm in better shape than Trudy. I can still cling to one last thread of my resolve.

our house
Even if it never leaves our house, I can still say it's a barn cat.
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Anna said...

your house is amazing!!!
I feel the same way about cats, atleast its super adorable!

Michelle said...

Kendra, I love how you told this story!
The blue goldfish cracker in the bowl made me laugh out loud. Will is very creative and I'm so glad the mourning period is over.
You really do have a great house.

Mrs. Wilson said...

I love barn houses and I think it's official for me, you need to be sending your stories in to magazines!!! Start with this one :)

Pam said...

What a great photo and adorable kitty!

I have two cats and I just use lots of bleach wipes on the counters! ;)

LollyChops said...

CUTE story and I love the pic of puppers with kitters...

But the house... HOLEY SMOKES WOMAN! That house ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

Paula Barber said...

What an adorable kitty!! And I cannot tell you how much I love your home and that gorgeous metal roof!! I wanna sleep at your house in the pouring rain. :o)

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

I have issues with cats from way back - one my mom used to have did something nasty under my bed every day when I was a senior in high school, and I swear, it knew I hated it and did it on purpose. I swore I would never get a cat!

My husband (thankfully??) is allergic, so despite the cuteness factor, we can't actually have one.

However, we do have a barn, and rodents (ick). We tried getting kittens a year ago, raised them in the basement until the could go in the barn, but decided against it and gave Briggs & Strattton to someone who could give them a better life.

Ironically, a year later, a black cat has recently taken up residence in our barn/garage. I'm not sure if he has helped control the rodent population as of yet. But guess what - it's leaving me a nice little present just like the one my mom's did - thankfully though, my bed is not in the garage :-)

Kristi Smith said...

Lol, I love it! I can't believe you have an indoor kitty though. Matt is allergic so I don't think that will ever happen. But I usually say I don't like cats, but everytime I see one I try to get it to come to me so I can pet it. :)

Love the photo!

Great blog entry!

Matt said...

Kittens? Cute. Cats? Could care less if you're there or not and probably prefer your absence. Dogs are man's best friend while cats are their own best friend.

Maybe you should get a snake. They eat rodents and don't play in litter boxes.

Danielle said...

oh my gosh, that's adorable! i love kittens! then they get old and crabby and fat and pee on the living room floor like mine does. lol I want to ring her neck some days!

kiki comin said...

cats, yuck. your kitten is cute..but they always grow up! your house..amazing.

Shannon Murdock said...

Kendra, that picture of the kitten and your beautiful dog is just AMAZING!! If you made that into a print, I would totally buy it!! Our family allergies keep us from having any furry friends and I desperately miss having a kitty............thanks for sharing yours with us. I'm glad you caved =)

Kim said...

You live in a barn house. Our first house design was a working barn downstairs and living up. Is that how yours is? The bank put a big nix on that idea. Poor finance guys can't see outside the box.
Glad you visited my red farmhouse. Will gladly follow along on your adventures too.

Kendra said...

Hi Kim! I realized after I commented on your blog that you label yours a farmhouse, not a barnhouse. We have friends who live in a house that looks like a red barn. I made a connection between their house and yours and called yours a barnhouse instead of a farmhouse.

We do live on the upper level but the lower level isn't a working barn. It's 1/2 finished and the other 1/2 is storage and garage. We have cattle but no dairy cows, no horses, and the chickens are in a coop. So we don't need a barn for livestock.

Thanks for stopping by!

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