Saturday, October 30, 2010

Exhibit A

harper and shawn
I've already begun building my defense file in the case of how we ended up with such a rotten cat. I will go down fighting.
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Mama to Jayden said...

Yeah, that's what I said when I got my first cat. I now have 3.

Chris Dodaj said...

What a sweet photo! I have a cat that does the same thing!

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous little furr-ball. I am a cat person, I have no sympathy for you!

BTW, my quilt is nearing completion. How is yours coming along?? I'll send you photos next week!


Jamie (@va_grown) said...

Our 10 yr old cat did that as a baby too! It's part of why we've continued to put up with him. After Scratchy, there will be no more inside cats EVER AGAIN.

Funny, I posted about a gray tabby kitten today too. :)

Anonymous said...

Ahh... yeah... such a rotten critter.


Kristi Smith said...

lol, well . . . Shawn kind of has hair now. Maybe if he just draped it over the top of his head. ;)

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