Saturday, November 6, 2010

Housewife Pillowcase Tutorial

housewife pillowcases tutorial 1
I have a new article up on the Fiskars website. I show you how to get your pillows from the sweat-pants and holey t-shirt pjs look . . .

housewife pillowcases tutorial 2
to the classy, luxurious equivalent.

These are called housewife pillow cases. If you've ever wondered why Pottery Barn pillows look so neat and tidy in the catalog, this is the secret. Well, that and amazing photo stylists. But you can see how ends like this on your pillows can make a big difference. So in the tutorial I start with the pillowcase you see above.

housewife pillowcases tutorial 3
And then I show you how to make one patch-work style.

housewife pillowcases tutorial 4
This is how they look finished and on Will's bed. I thought about bringing in an amazing photo stylist but I knew the first thing she (he?) would do was boot oh-so-loved-and-worn Doggy and Mr. Fluffy out of the photo. We couldn't have that.

These pillowcases are very easy to make. While you can easily purchase fabric and make these, I used 2 sets of inexpensive (around $5 per set, I believe) pillowcases from Walmart and some fabric remnants from other projects. This worked out best for me because they were already cut to the right size so I just needed to cut off the seams and alter them. And they matched the new sheets on Will's bed.

Pillows are an inexpensive way to add a bit of personal flair to a room so I hope you'll give this housewife pillowcase tutorial a try!
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Kristi Smith said...

I still don't know how to use my little sewing machine I got for scrapping. And I don't scrap anymore. Nuff said.

But those are cute. :)

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

You are so domestic :-) That's a line my dad always uses for some of my sisters and I - it's a compliment HEHE

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