Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've Fallen

pumpkin carving 2010 a
1. I've fallen off the good-and-dutiful-mom list. I didn't take any photos of Will on Halloween this year. It's true. I even had my camera in my hand, carrying it around while he played at a Halloween party and trick-or-treated. I didn't feel like messing with it. I just enjoyed watching him.

pumpkin carving 2010 b
But it's going to be OK. He dressed up like a soldier, something he does every afternoon after he finishes school.

pumpkin carving 2010 c
So I'm just going to take fake Halloween photos.

pumpkin carving 2010
I did do better this year with pumpkin carving. Instead of starting them Halloween day at 3 PM and rushing the boys to finish, we got to enjoy them for an entire week.

pumpkin carving 2010 d
On top of that, luckily I had accumulated some bonus points by giving him a pack of rubber rats. So maybe I'm still barely holding on to the bottom of the good-and-dutiful-mom list.

apple butter
2. I've fallen for making apple butter. Prior to 2 weeks ago I'd never made it myself. I usually just mentioned to my mother-in-law that we (notice I don't take the full blame by using the word I) like it and she'd run home to whip up a batch for us. I made and canned my own this year. It was a success.

framed fall themed collage
3. I've fallen for quilt patterns. I really, really want to quilt. I don't have the time right now. So I adapted a block from an antique quilt pattern I found in a book and made it into a paper collage.

framed fall themed collage inset
A closer view of the bird on top of the tree. You can find instructions and photos for making this fall-themed paper collage on the Fiskars website.

4. I've fallen off the exercise bandwagon. I finished round 1 of P90X 3 weeks ago. I decided to take a break for a week before starting round 2. And then I got sick. It dragged on for 2 weeks. Yesterday was the first day I didn't spend a good deal of time wondering if I should be preparing my obituary to read I'd coughed so much I pushed my bladder out and died from severe infection or if it would read that I strangled on phlegm. Yeserday I felt good enough to start round 2. Taking 3 weeks off was bad, bad, bad. I can tell I'm really going to be paying for it by this afternoon.

5. And, finally, some of you have asked how my I'm doing with the Medical Transcription Editor program I'm taking. I've fallen behind on it. My original goal was to finish by the end of October. Now it's to finish by the end of January. I had to cut back on my projects with Fiskars until then so I won't have many more to post before the end of the year. Anyway, the program is great so far! If any more of you are interested in what's involved with Medical Transcription (or MT Editing, Medical Coding and Billing, or Pharmacy Technician) you can find it on my Career Step referral page. And I'm always happy to answer questions if you email me.
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jkhenson said...

Hello, friend. I haven't gotten on the P90X wagon, yet. The cough you had has also gotten me-on Friday and my back even hurts from all the coughing! The not sleeping is what is the worst for me. However, aside from the nose-blowing, I feel better today. :) I have only ran a couple times over the last few weeks, too. Ugh. Glad you're feeling better!! :)) And glad you enjoyed Will dressing up/parties, etc. :)

Kristi Smith said...

I'm sorry you hadn't been feeling well. :( Glad you are better, too! I didnt' realize it had been 3 weeks since you worked out. 3 weeks is better than 3 months.

Cute rats. And I love your paper collage!

amyjk said...

aw, it stinks to be sick :( glad you are on the upswing. apple butter! care to share your recipe? i would love to try to make some this year. just received my career step supplies this week!

take care :)

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

I give a thumbs up to the paper piecing (love to see you working with paper again!) but a thumbs down to the rats - sorry, rodents are the grossest thing to me :-)

I didn't get any pics of my boys either - one of them made a horse out of cardboard and wore it over himself, like he was riding it, and had a cape and hat like Zoro - got a lot of great comments on it, and I was so mad at myself for not getting a picture. Glad I'm not the only one who "failed" in that realm :-)

I have made applesauce, but apple butter is still on my list of things to make....as well as pumpkin butter and a few other things with the late fall harvest. They both make great gifts!

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