Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My First Big Quilt!

will's quilt finished for blog

I hinted about this project months ago and I can finally share it! It took much longer to complete than I thought it would and was a source of great frustration many times. But I have no regrets about taking on the challenge. It's my first full-size quilt! My mother-in-law has been quilting since she was about 8 years old and to this point, whenever I wanted a quilt, I just showed her a photo and she placed the completed quilt in my hands a few months down the road.

I have an article up on the Fiskars website about making the quilt from start to finish. I go through the various steps but more than a quilting tutorial, it's written from the point of a beginning quilter and the challenges I encountered along the way. It's my hope that it will encourage people to give quilting a try and push on through all those challenges along the way.

This was the starting point for redecorating Will's room. I just turned in a project that completes the whole redecorating project and as soon is it hits the website, I'll do a post here that shows them together in his room. But first we'll have to bring in a front loader to scoop up all the Legos!

will's quilt finished 2 for blog

If you're interested in reading the article about all the things I did wrong yet still managed to end up with something that looks like a handmade quilt, you can find the article here.
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Kristi Smith said...

Love it, my talented friend. I still can't get over all the legos that kid has. Wow. :)

tammy said...

What a toatlly neat boy quilt! You are amazing! Can't wait to go check out the article! Love all those colors! Blessings!

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

What a cool room he has now, all homemade by his mama :-)

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