Saturday, November 20, 2010

Three Things

I'm in list mode today. I have a completely quiet house and much studying to do before I hear the sweet sound of hunting boots clomping up the stairs.

1. Tomorrow I will be finishing up a couple of projects for a semi-new venture. This past summer I was asked to join the Frost It Pink team. Amy's concept fits in well with what I'm doing for Fiskars, where I create projects and share the how-to. But she takes it a step further. She has done all the shopping for you! So you can just order a kit from the website and receive everything (other than basic paper crafting tools) you need to complete them.

After a long delay resulting from me managing to choose products that were on back order for a really (really) long time, I have everything here with me and am finishing up my first two projects. I'm really excited about how they're turning out! I'll post here again when they are available for purchase on the Frost It Pink site.

winter flowers ornamental cabbage
2. I have a new article up on the Fiskars website on how to have bright, beautiful color in your garden during the winter months. Yes, it's true! These have already survived many heavy frosts and continue to grow and look beautiful. And yes, I did Photoshop this photo but only because I shoot in RAW which means every photo gets edited. So I had to get this photo to represent the true color intensity of my ornamental cabbages and pansies. They are really this bright!

raised beds complete
3. I have another new garden article up there, too! In this one, I share how we make our raised beds. We are rebels in how we do it. We do it inexpensively with high-quality wood and we break one rule you'll read, over and over again in articles on making raised beds, you must not break or you're doomed to failure. So if you're interested in making your own raised beds, be sure to click on the link and learn what works for us.

making raised beds 4
Another reason to check it out? Will was very excited that photos of him using tools and helping his dad build something were going to be on the Fiskars website. You can go see photos of him taken with his mother's poor off-camera lighting skills. And about the funky dull color on them all, I still, unfortunately, use Adobe Bridge. It's a horrible, evil program that makes my computer run slower than molases in the winter and makes me want to pull all of my eyelashes out one by one. Since it decided to change a bunch if its own default settings, I suspect it is behind Adobe RAW's decision to change my default color profile on all my photos I was editing before I realized it and sent them to Fiskars. 'Tis fixed now and I'm dreaming of an Adobe Lightroom Christmas!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!
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Pam said...

That photo is awesome!

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

I love the concept of gardening like this, but I am too big scale for it with our farm stand and CSA. Just seems so much easier in the long run than running a tiller, trying to ammend the soil, etc. Maybe I'll just try to do some strawberry beds this year in a totally different spot than my garden.

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