Friday, December 17, 2010

New Year's Resolutions For a Milestone Year

2011 marks a big year for me. I'll turn 40 in June. I know for some that's a dreaded milestone. I won't lie and say it's one of my most exciting and anticipated times in life but it's not one I'm facing with a sense of sadness. It's just part of life and I believe I simply have 2 choices. I can make the most of every bit of it, focusing on having gratitude for the life God has given me or I can sit and feel sorry for myself because I'm getting wrinkles and grey hairs and I pee now when I do jumping jacks. Or, to put it in a more practical perspective, I can be fun for my friends and family to be around or I can be a drag.

Since we're approaching the start of a new year, that time of year when we make promises to ourselves that this is the year we will reach perfection in every area of life, I decided better motivation for sticking to goals throught the year would be to tie it in with my big milestone. I probably won't think about New Year's Day beyond the end of January. I'll definitely think about turning 40 all year! Thinking over it, I settled on making a mini book chronicling the year I turn 40 month-by-month. The result is a combination of accountability and preserving memories. All wrapped up in a pretty package which adds to the motivation!

Turning 40 mini album cover
My cover. I finally found the perfect use for this scalloped-edged Karen Russell patterned paper I've been holding on to. Love when the happens; you rifle through your stash and stumble upon something that couldn't be more perfect. Much of the other product in the book was provided by Fiskars, and, through Fiskars, Cosmo Cricket, Bo Bunny, Jenni Bowlin, My Mind's Eye, and KI Memories. I'm grateful to so many companies that helped me pull together a very special project!

Turning 40 mini album envelope
Inside front cover. A Maya Road Kraft envelope for tucking away some journaling about my thoughts about turining 40.

Turning 40 mini album monthly page
The first page for each month looks like this. Keeping the design consistent will make goal-setting simpler. Leaving the pages blank puts me at ease knowing I have a fresh start 12 times throughout the year. More motivation to achieve goals!

Turning 40 mini album stamping
Second page for each month. I have 4 small shipping tags attached to each of these pages. Scripture memorization is a goal this year so I'll write verse on one of the tags at the beginning of each week. To keep this from being something that gets put aside, trying to choose the perfect verse that applies to where I am in life each week, I'll choose one from each Sunday's sermon. Double duty! I'll commit scripture to memory (which I'm terrible at) and have a way to keep each Sunday's message with me throughout the week. Favorite quotations are another way to incorporate this idea into a book.

The next 2 pages for each month are blank for adding photos, journaling, and memoribilia.

Turning 40 mini album transparency page
An idea borrowed from Ali. A section of a variety of Hambly transparencies separates the last page of each month from the start of the next. Even though the purpose is to create a separation of sections, I cut the transparency pieces smaller than the base pages to make the design and flow from one section to the next more cohesive.

Turning 40 mini album book envelope
And I wrap it up with the inside back cover. Originally I thought I'd add a section to record the books I read each month. As I thought more about it, I realized this would become stressful, trying to force completing books into each month when that's not how I read by nature. I read in cycles. Some months I don't find time to read much. Others I'll read 2 or 3 books. Keeping a yearly record rather than a monthly record works better for me.

The pocket for this tag booklet was made using the title page from an old Reader's Digest Condensed Stories book.

More photos and a list of supplies I used to make my New Year's Resolution mini book can be found on the Fiskars website.

You may not have a need for a mini book about turning 40 this year. But you might be turning 30. Or 50. You might be getting ready to have your first child. Or your last. You might be graduating from college. Or sending a child off to college. If you have a milestone year ahead of you, this concept can be adapted to fit it. Will you join me and chronicle your journey through it?
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Courtney Walsh said...


This is beautiful. I absolutely LOVE it!! :)

Vanderbeeks Images said...

What a pretty book! It makes me almost want to paper scrap again but I have no idea where to begin. Oh and that peeing thing - Dr's can correct that. I tried physical therapy - works for most but most people my age haven't had chemo effect to deal with. You should check out the physical therapy. I was really impressed and it'll help me now that I've had the surgery (like a week ago).

Birgit Koopsen said...

So, so, soooo LOVE this book!!

Stacy said...

I am also turning 40 in June and this is a wonderful idea.. down to the memorizing verses part. Love it and want to also do it.. thanks for the idea :-)

Melissa said...

Soooo completely amazing...I adore this!

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

As always when you create, a gorgeous book. Your style is so classic and beautiful.

I'm 4 years away from turning 40. Maybe if I start a book like this now, I'll be done it by then :-)

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