Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Please Take A Moment To Pray With Me

Dear Lord, I'm really struggling right now with a strong desire and I do not know if it is because it is your will for me or if it is my sinful covetness. I suspect the enemy is sifting me as he did Peter. I cannot get these boots out of my mind.
Because of this overwhelming consumption of my mind, I believe it is your will for me to have these boots, to use them in some way to minister to others. Will you be asking me to walk long distances requiring comfortable footwear? Will you be sending me on a journey which will make all those little straps and buckles handy for carrying supplies? Will I be traveling on horseback and need protection for my legs (we can work around the low heel and stirrups problem)? If it is your will for me to use these boots in some way for your glory, please deposit $395.95 in my checking account.

If there is sin in my life that needs to be resolved before these boots (that would be used to glorify you) can be entrusted to me, please direct my mind to it. I've repented to you for that incident in 4th grade. However, if your desire is for me to seek out Douglas Duffenback and confess to him that I did not really return his Mad Magazine book to his desk that morning, that I had, AGAIN, forgotten to bring it to school, I will do this. Or if I need to seek out Miss Malotte's entire 4th grade class and apologize for the 15 minute search we conducted for the missing book that morning, I will do this, too. Whatever it takes to remove the obstacles from placing these God-glorifying boots in my possession.

Lord, I've tried justifying using our limited disposable income to purchase these boots. I've worn my favorite Born mules for over 10 years which breaks down to less than $12.50 a year. If I had these boots, I would never ask for another pair of boots again. If your will for me is to live an average life span, I have a good 40 years ahead of me which breaks the cost of these boots (to use for you glory) down to $10 a year. However, the enemy would surely use this opportunity to convince Shawn to never accept the sincerity of my vow (because these are for your glory) to never ask for another pair of boots. Please forgive me if I'm wrong to choose not to risk pushing him into a sinful anger over purchasing a tool to use for your glory.

Lord, sometimes it is so hard to have the courage to follow you. My faith must be much, much smaller than a mustard seed that I am allowing obstacles to prevent me from following your will to purchase these boots. Maybe I am not ready to be trusted with them.


My friends, will you please pray for me in my time of weakness, for having any doubt that God has a plan for me and these beautiful boots to be united to do great things in his name? Because surely it is not that I am simply coveting something with such a ridiculous pricetag.
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Haggith said...

those are the exact same boots I almost bought in NYC last October! I ay: buy them! they're gorgeous!!!

scrappysue said...

Just buy them, I command thee!!!

kL said...

You buy those and I'll buy these :
That I too have been dying, 'ahem' , praying for. We can be the god kicking boot sisters. Hee hee

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

My those do look like nice boots, but can't you buy a small used car for that price HEHE Perhaps you could find them at a yard sale :-)

Alicia Sharp said...

Love love love those! I say go for it because you deserve them!

Anonymous said...

Kendra, I know you and that you will not buy them unless you find them on clearance or a big big sale. Please let us know the brand, size just in case one of us happens to run across them at a ridiculously low price =)
Jen =)

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