Thursday, December 23, 2010

Save the Drama For Your Mama (She Loves It!)

will and the belly button song

Will and I had a disagreement yesterday over whether or not the Bellybutton song is a good song. I love to have this argument with him periodically. The dramatic ways he chooses to make his point (the earcups of the earprotectors are also stuffed with cottonballs) have me baffled. I just don't know WHERE he gets this trait.

If you don't know the bellybutton song, here it is.

I think you can guess which side of the argument Will stands on.
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jkhenson said...

Love Veggietales!! :)) Thanks for the smile today! Merry Christmas! :)

Amy said... girls LOVE that song!

Alisha said...

What a fantastic thing. I am not sure that I like the song but I love the message. I am not sure about in America but 'gourds' is not a term that is greatly used here. In fact I only just learnt about them recently :D (and I am 29). of course they are technically fruit - they have seeds inside! but I wouldn't have ever guessed that. What a great way to educate your children without them knowing it! Well done!

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