Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Boot Pursuit

If you ever wondered if God answers prayers, I'm here today to tell you, indeed he does. Or it could be that, in this case, my husband read my blog and plans to hold me to the promise of never again asking for another pair of boots!

Remember these from a couple of weeks ago? And remember my (ridiculously goofy) passionate prayer that God would deposit $400 into my checking account if he wanted me to have them? Well Shawn handed me $400 a few days later and said, "Go buy your boots. You deserve them." I buy my clothes at thrift stores. On my best-dressed days my outfits usually cost me a grand total of $10-$15. I know some of you who see me in person regularly on my best-dressed days would find that to be very believable. But the point is my entire wardrobe probably didn't cost $400 so the thought of spending that on a pair of boots is hard for me embrace. If you can afford it, I don't think owning $400 boots is bad. It's just new territory for me. Photography equipment is a whole different story. I'd have no problem dropping $5000 on the camera and one of the lenses I want!

I've tried to give the money back to Shawn several times. I offered to buy groceries with it. I offered to put it toward the boys' upcoming sports programs. I think he's starting to get irritated with me. It's time to spend it. He's trying to do something nice for me and I'm not doing a very good job of showing gratitude. The problem is when I finally went to hit the purchase button at Anthro a few days ago, the boots were out of stock. Unfortunately, they are the only store I've been able to find that carries them. I was mad at myself for not buying them as soon as Shawn gave me the money. But then I started shopping around and found several pairs of Frye boots that I like almost as well as the Anthro boots. Almost. Like if the Frye boots were a 5-Nut Brownie from Huston's Restaurant and the Anthro boots were a 5-Nut Brownie a la mode, I'd choose the 5-Nut Brownie a la mode. Unless, of course, I was lactose intolerant. Or unless Houston's happened to be out of ice cream. But even without ice cream, a 5-Nut Brownie is heavenly and I'd savor every bite. I'd still rather have the Anthro boots since they are so unique! However, I'll be just as content with a pair of Frye boots. Here's where my new problem comes in. I am terrible at making decisions. With the Anthro boots, there was one option. With Frye boots, there are just too many.

veronica slouch
My first choice was Veronica. Isn't she beautiful? I went to Nordstroms when I was in KC and tried these on. They even met my new-shoe rule. New shoes must be as comfortable as slippers if they are going to come home with me. I'm not sure why I continued looking but I did.

Maxine Trapunto Harness
And Maxine caught my eye.

paige loop
And Paige.

Belted Harness
And, finally, Belted Harness. I think I'm attracted to her rebel qualities. She's different from all the other girls. She wears her sides shorter than the other girls. Her toes are square. She looks tougher. Either tougher our cuter. I can't decide. Even her name is different. Belted. Isn't it beautiful? Well, no one is perfect. Apparently her mother didn't take a stand against her father like I did when Shawn wanted to name Caelan after his great grandpa. His name was Hobart.

Now I just need to make a final decision. When I started looking, I was looking only at knee boots. I kept thinking that I never wear skirts or dresses. I think the last time I wore a dress was around 1992 and it was floor-length. And skinny jeans? Forgetaboutit. I hated them when I was younger and more patient and flexible enough to fight with getting them over my feet and ankles. And when I was more toothpicky-shaped. So I wondered, will anyone ever see the beautiful tops of these boots.

When I found the Belted Harness boots and decided they might be the boot for me, I immediately thought that the knee boots would look better with dresses. And this is what it's like inside my decision-making mind.

I'd love to have opinions. Which of these would you choose?
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mcscraps5 said...

I like Paige and Belted. Couldn't you get both? LOL

I guess my final vote would probably be for Belted since I wear jeans most of the time. If I need pretty shoes, I'll try something else.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Veronica! you KNOW she is comfortable and beautiful! don't let those others turn your head. (although Paige could certainly turn my head!) you will wear these for years to come and you don't want to commit to someone who rubs you the wrong way. (and give that sweet, thoughtful husband an extra kiss and a 5-nut brownie a la mode.)

Melissa Priest said...

Paige gets my vote! For sure!

Here's a thought. Its something my husband has taught me. In situations where I am given something unexpectedly (say, money for boots or even a compliment), take it and say thank you.The giver is just trying to bless you. Otherwise, you are robbing them of the chance to bless!

Melissa Priest said...

Paige gets my vote! For sure!

Here's a thought. Its something my husband has taught me. In situations where I am given something unexpectedly (say, money for boots or even a compliment), take it and say thank you.The giver is just trying to bless you. Otherwise, you are robbing them of the chance to bless!

va_grown said...

I think I would go for Maxine. A little dressier sole than Veronica for wearing with a long skirt.

Dena said...

I'm glad the other ones are gone. No offense here because i really like you and your blog and think you are super sweet! But i remember reading from you about how fashion isn't really your thing and thinking that when i saw those boots :) The Veronica's are beautiful and if you already know that they are comfy, you should totally go with those!!! The Belted are cute, but they look a little too much like guy boots and they look like they would be really heavy and possbiliy uncomfy! The Maxine is cute too! Whatever you decide, good luck and let us know!!!!

nonnie said... someone else posted, a little dressier than veronica so they will go with everything...and if it makes you feel better about spending the $, I still have my first pair of Frye boots, purchased my first year of college, 1974, and they are in great shape (well cared for, but worn a lot!! resoled once by a great shoemaker). And because they were such a classic style they are timeless and still look good. That is true of all all of these. Have fun with them...

Kristi Smith said...

lol at Dena. :) I'm not sure I would wear any of them but they are totally you (I know you wouldn't be caught dead in some of my clothes so I can say that). ;-) I would pick Paige or Veronica but you pick whatever one floats your boat. :)

Your memory is going . . . you wore a dress to your class reunion. lol I haven't wore one for 7-8 years (according to my bad memory) unless you count the cover-up I wore on the beach, it's kind of like a dress. I bought one for NYE and didn't wear it!

I also want to say that I think it was SUPER SWEET of Shawn to do that. It was so unlike him. lol j/k :)

Kristi Smith said...

Crap, I wore a dress on Halloween!!! lol See, my memory is bad, too. :)

Kendra said...

I wish I would have done that, Melissa. : ) Fortunately my husband knows me well

lol, Dena! Did you pray for my sake that they would go out of stock??? ; )

Nonnie, it's good to know that they really last that long. I'm quite sure I'll have these a long time. My favorite shoes now are a pair of 10 year old Born mules. The quality of Born shoes is nothing compared to what it was when I bought these. I plan to wear them at least another 10 years!

I forgot all about that, Kristi! I should remember after wearing those torturous shoes all night. But I'd also forgotten your Halloween dress so you shouldn't have mentioned it.

Vanderbeeks Images said...

And ladies around here are wearing their boots over their jeans- especially if they are that gorgeous! Time to get a nice girl. You'll love pairing it with so many different shirts for a different look. Have fun and share what you get.

Pam said...

I like Paige.

Kelly said...

So funny... I went through this exact same thing. My husband could tell you about my boot fiasco I went thru from September until December. Yup that long to commit! I really wanted a pair of knee high boots but I have a hard time dropping that kind of money on one pair of shoes, let alone boots that I can't wear all the time! I also can't do skinny jeans and figured I would just wear them with skirts. I just wear them under my jeans and don't care because I know they are there even if the world doesn't! I really like Veronica, they are very similar to the ones I finally ended up getting!

Jenifer W said...

Kendra, I am sooooo excited and happy for you. I like all of them and think whatever you pick will be my favorite =) If I wasn't in my jammies, and it wasn't a winter wonderland out there, I would drive over there and give that sweet man a hug and a big high five. Tell him I am PROUD =)
And I totally agree with him, you deserve them. Enjoy !!

tammy said...

Ok...way cool on the hubby giving you the money to buy them...and as a busy mommy to another busy mommy, you DO deserve them...and since you are asking for opinions and I don't really know you that well...only through this blog...I would hold out for the original Anthro boots...but if you knew they were NEVER going to be restocked, my second favorite would be Paige...a little different but still somewhat similar...have fun with your choice! Sometimes I am so thrilled with choices and they freak me out at the same time! Especially when I know I probably wouldn't get ANOTHER $400 another time to get my first love...can't wait to see what you choose!

Becky said...

Veronica all the way.

KimA said...

Paige - just beautiful!

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