Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Everything I Ever Needed To Know About . . .

Commas I Learned In Medical Transcripton School. Eventually I will be able to write a book with that title. I'm in the actual transcription part of the program now. I had no idea just how poorly I understand the proper use of commas. I'm having zero trouble with the medical terminology. It's all about the commas. To add to the confusion, everything else that's grammar related in the program kind of goes out the window when you start transcribing. Doctors don't speak in complete sentences and you transcribe what you hear, not necessarily what's correct. Colons and semi-colons are used between clauses that aren't independent. It's frustrating, but at the same time it allows for more leniency with errors and allows you to call them "style issues."

My headphones are my best friend right now. Like the kind of best friend that's your best friend because your mom makes you play with them. Or maybe a better analogy would be they're like boy your mom made you go out with because she is friends with his mom. All day long they whisper sweet nothings in my ears. Heart Examination: Regular rate and rhythm. Hemoglobin A1C is 5.5%. Another possibility is that this might be a post-infectious encephalomyelitis. Foamy diarrhea. Yet, I find myself seeing great potential for this awkward relationship. I'm enjoying it. Even if I have to occasionally type the words foamy diarrhea.

apricot almond bread

I can already say everything I ever needed to know about bread I learned from Jim Lahey. I just put today's bread in the oven. It's Apricot Almond and since you put these breads in a preheated cast iron dutch oven, the aroma of baking bread fills the house almost immediately. This bread smells heavenly. I have great hopes for it.

So far I've made several loaves using the basic dough. I've made wheat. I've made cheese. I tried to make chocolate coconut yesterday but the coconut I bought was moldy inside. I've bought a coconut 3 times in my life. 3 times I've opened up a coconut to find mold growing inside. I think I'm giving up on fresh coconut. Just like that my dreams of one day making my own coconut bikini top are dashed.
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LollyChops said...

You are gonna force me to get that book... I can tell.


Kendra said...

Yes! You must buy the book, Lolly! Everyone should buy the book. Unless you prefer squishy bread. Then you should definitely consider borrowing it from the library first. But I think everyone should try making the bread!

Melissa Priest said...

ewww. While the bread sounds absolutely delcicous, the visual of it right after reading 'foamy diarrhea' just ruins it for me. LOL

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

You had me scared when I started to see there was a picture right after foamy diarrhea - I thought no, she wouldn't :-)

I have to request that book from the library to try my hand at this kind of bread - I have made many kinds of bread in my days, but this method sounds interesting and easy, and a great way to use my cast iron dutch oven that sits on my stove top but doesn't get used much :-)

Coconuts are about my favorite food ever - I would save up $ when I was a kid to buy one. They never had mold, but these days, almost always.

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