Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Feet Smelled Really Good

new boots 2
And other hightlights from my weekend.

me studying_
I fit in a little bit of study time. Totally posed. Even though this is what I look like when I do, I wasn't really studying here. No one walked by and thought it would make a cool photo to capture me in deep thought. I've accepted that they just don't think like me. This is a self-portrait using my cheapo $15 Nikon remote with my camera precariously balanced on my desktop tower. And you youngins out there, heed the Sunscreen song. Wear it or when you're in your 30s, your age spots will make you become addicted to Photoshop. Trust me on this one!

backgammon with will
We spent time remembering Grampy Wear. When my grandma started passing on his sentimental belongings after he died, one of the most desired of his possessions was his backgammon set. He spent hour upon hour with his kids, grandkids, even the great-grandkids playing backgammon. My uncle ended up with "the" set, as he should have. I got the back-up set. Grampy bought (or possibly received) this one when one of the playing pieces turned up missing from "the" set. No one liked the back up set. It wasn't the same playing with him on anything other than "the" set so the back up set got shoved away in the corner of the closet and a penny replaced the missing playing piece. But the back up set was still his and it reminds us of him so we've been using it a lot lately.

caelan and allie bowling 2
We spent lots of time with Caelan's girlfriend. Isn't she adorable? I don't know if their feet smelled good, too, but I kind of doubt it.

caelan's baptism 2
And the best part of the whole weekend. Caelan has lived his life for Christ since he was very young but I've been patiently (and anxiously!) waiting for him to take this step. I've never pressured. It took me 6 years from the day I found myself on my knees after reading Matthew 7:13-14 until I took the plunge. Sorry. Bad pun!

caelan's baptism
I'd made my decision 6 years earlier but my baptism was still an incredibly special, emotional, meaningful event. I wanted his to be as well.

caelan's baptism 3
And it was.
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Pam said...

Beautiful Boots! Congrats to Caelan! And lovely bowling shoes! ;)

Courtney Walsh said...

Such great photos capturing your weekend, Kendra! I love the baptism ones, though I really don't believe that's your (grown!) son.


jkhenson said...

What a wonderful moment to capture and share-the moment you officially, and of your own choosing, give it all over to Christ. Amazing. :) Thank you for sharing, as always. :) What a beautiful family-you included!! Sunspots be darned! :) You are just as beautiful as those boys are handsome. :)

jkhenson said...
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Kristi Smith said...

Oh, that made me tear up. Congrats to Caelan (and you). I love that he has these photos to remember it by. They are amazing. I love his face in them.

Wow, Caelan has a girlfriend. How is that possible? lol

I'm so glad you got some boots. Which boots did you get?

And I can't believe that Caelan would put on bowling shoes that someone else had previously worn (lots of someone else's).

And that pic you took of yourself is so good. I want to know how you get it focused so perfectly with a timer. I can't get my camera to focus at all when I try to take a pic of myself.

Jayna said...

The baptism photos are awesome! That's so great!

And the pic of you studying is very pretty. =)

tammy said...

Well Praise the Lord! An awesome testimony for Calean! Great photos to remember it by! Wished the ones I have of my kids were better but at least there is something! And stop belittling yourself! I have always loved your pure, natural beauty...i have always loved curly hair and hair like your has always been at the top of my wish list! Your dark color too! Our Heavenly Father made you just the way He wanted to and you are beautiful in His sight! But i think you are pretty too! That is a cool self portrait though...never tried one for me...need to do that sometime soon...like you, no one around here thinks to take photos of me either...its what it is...

Kendra said...

Thank you all!

I got the Veronica's, Kristi! I LOVE them. And I took about 30 photos before I got one with my whole face AND that was in focus. Buy one of those remotes. Much easier than using the timer.

Thank you, Tammy. I meant for that to focus more on the fact that I didn't take good care of what God gave me than that I'm unhappy with what he's given me. I worried too much about having a "healthy" color when I was younger and now I have unhealthy, unattractive spots! But your comments made me feel good. : )

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