Friday, February 4, 2011

Public Humiliation is COOL!

I love bowling. There's so much potential for humility. Humility and laughter. I'm a big fan of both. Being willing to publicly humiliate yourself with a group of friends and family makes you cool in my book. And then there are the shoes. We'll just skip over discussing the shoes in great detail. I'm sure we all share the same opinions about the shoes. If you are someone who will put those shoes on your feet in order to go out and humiliate yourself, you're just awesome.

We all wonder how ridiculous we look when it's our turn. I'm a person who loves helping others. I love to reassure them and build confidence in them. So I bring my camera whenever we go bowling. I take photos of the back sides of my friends and family when it's their turn just to reassure them that yes, they look pretty funny when they bowl, but it's OK. Their friends and family still love them and want to spend time with them. See. Reassurance and confidence building!

bowling 1-30-11 jen
We'll start with Jen. I am fortunate to have 2 friends who are the best sports in the world. They laugh harder at themselves than anyone else. It makes them tons of fun to be around. Kristi is one of those friends but she moved away from me years ago (something about her husband needing to earn money to feed and clothe them) so she couldn't bowl with us last Sunday. Jen is my other good-sport friend.

bowling 1-30-11 bryce
Jen's son Bryce is cool, too. He not only puts on icky shoes and humiliates himself in public but he tells people I'm his second mom.

bowling 1-30-11 michael
Here's Michael. He's a shuffle-foot bowler. Every once in awhile he throws gutter balls. But most of the time he throws the ball really hard and it makes the pins go flying all around in the most awesome, noisy, tornado.

bowling 1-30-11 will
Some people are cute when they are humilating themselves. Take Will, for instance.

bowling 1-30-11 allie
And Caelan's girlfriend, Allie. Allie is a good sport, too. She's not the kind who says, "LOOK WHAT I JUST DID!" like Jen and Kristi. She's the kind who, for example, if she were to happen to throw the ball at the exact same moment the sweeper bar decided to malfunction and come back down causing her ball to crash into it and causing the boys to all laugh so hysterically that they are lying on the chairs rolling around, she wouldn't get mad. She would just sit and grin and wait for them to stop rolling around like a bunch of monkeys. If that were to happen, of course.

bowling 1-30-11 caelan
Caelan combines clumsy ballet moves with bowling. I think he's pretty dang cool.

bowling 1-30-11 kendra
Someone picked up my camera when I wasn't sitting at the table and took a picture of this ridiculous looking woman. She's the bend-your-knees-like-you're-doing-karate bowler. Her right foot doesn't cross behind her left leg like all the other bowlers. I heard someone tell her that her ball has NO spin to it and travels in a perfectly straight line so she had to always hit the head pin.

bowling 1-30-11 scoreboard
I happened to be near their scoreboard at the end of their first game and noticed that she beat the person who gave her that advice. I'll bet that guy was humilated! I also heard that it was the first time she had ever beat him at bowling. I was excited for her. I told her to act like it wasn't a big deal, though. The person who gave her the bowling tip also has the best be-a-good-sport advice that he gives to the teams of kids he coaches. When you win, don't act like an idiot. Act like you've done it before.

bowling 1-30-11 russells
The Russells are really quiet and you don't notice them when they are humiliating themselves. But they still get a kick out of watching others in the act of humiliation.

bowling 1-30-11 caelan and allie
Sometimes doing something humiliating can be a good thing. It can get you attention from a cute girl. Caelan panics when his fingers are caught in something.

bowling 1-30-11 chinese fingercuffs
No matter how hard others try to talk him through calmly removing Chinese fingercuffs, this is always the end result.

bowling 1-30-11 public hotdog
There are other things about bowling that make it a fun time, like eating "public hot dogs." Hot dogs and drinks are a quarter on Sundays and Will asked for a quarter to go buy a hotdog. Will hates hot dogs. I can't get him to eat them at home. When I mentioned that, he said, "Mooo-ooom. I LIKE public hot dogs!" From her on out, any hot dogs I serve at home will be presented as public hot dogs.

bowling 1-30-11 group
At the end of the day everyone walked away with big smiles, in spite of all that humiliation. Very, very cool.
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