Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trying To Be Organized

I have a new project up on the Fiskars website. I was beginning to think I was never going to get to type those words again. I thought I was destined to only type words like axillary lymphadenopathy. Or bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy. Or my very favorite, esophagogastroduodenoscopy. Fortunately, part of my Medical Transcription training is creating reports as efficiently as possible. One of the ways they help us learn to be efficient is introducing us to programs called text expanders. You type a few letters of a word or phrase and the program replaces the letters with the full text. Instead of typing out axillary lymphadenopathy, I just type axly. Instead of bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy, I just type bso. Instead of esophagogastroduodenoscopy, I just type egdx. So while I have to learn all these words and remember the codes for them, I don't actually have to type all those letters out and get them in the right order. And the way I type, that's a very, very good thing.

You're not so impressed now, are you? Maybe I'll impress you with this. I have discovered a way to use my creativity when creating my codes. My creativity and my immature young boy qualities. Which is how I ended up with the code poopy for the word postoperatively. Can you tell I really miss being creative?

My text expanding program tells me in the last week it's saved 10 hours, 15 minutes, and 43 seconds of typing time. In my my mind this translates to I now have 10 hours, 15 minutes, and 43 seconds of crafting time for the week. We'll ignore the nifty part of the MT program that tells me I have to study 40 hours a week to finish the program by June 2. Since the study planning guide has proven to be very inaccurate throughout the course, I estimate this really means I need to study 55 hours a week. That means I don't really have 10 hours, 15 minutes, and 43 seconds of crafting time. However, looking at words like esophagogastroduodenoscopy for 9 hours a day, 6 days a week really makes you no fun to be around. So I'm squeezing in some real creative time here and there.

Can you also tell by the way I'm rambling on and on that I've missed sharing with you guys? Even typing the word poopy 30 or 40 times a day doesn't replace the joy of typing out blog entries.

sewing apron 2

Time to refocus! I found a McCall's pattern for an apron to organize your crafting tools but it didn't have a ruffle and it didn't have a bib on the front, both of which I really wanted. So I ran with the idea of a 1/2 apron with lots of pockets and made this apron. The wonderful thing about it is you don't need a pattern! If you can cut rectangles and squares, sew in at least a semi-straight line, and pull threads, you can make this apron. And you can customize it with pockets that fit YOUR favorite crafting tools.

If you are one of those people who always says, "I wish I could sew," do it! Learn. My instruction in sewing is a 7th grade Home-Ec course. Some of you may look at my projects and say, "I believe that!" That's OK. My belief is you don't have to be able to create wedding dresses to sew. You have to be able to create wedding dresses to sell wedding dresses. But not to enjoy making things for yourself. If you look at the waistband instructions and they intimidate you, search for a tutorial with an easier-to-make waistband. Or sew on a length of ribbon on for your waistband and ties.

sewing apron cropped
When you're finished, you'll be walking around your craft space loooking like this. And you can finish off the look with an awesome pair of boots!
sewing apron cropped 2

This crafting apron tutorial can be found on the Fiskars website. If you decide to make one, I hope you'll email me and share what you created. I truly LOVE it when I find those in my inbox!

And now I must spend some time bonding with my text expander. To get me in a good frame of mind, I have just one more thing to type before I leave. Poopy!
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Karen Taylor said...

I think that apron should be a blog candy!!

tammy said... are too funny! The scary thing is that I KNOW all those words you are typing...the long-ish see, I am a nurse and all your medical talk makes me miss hospital work...I worked in cardiology/stepdown/CCU for a long time and loved it! But I do admit that if given the choice, I would rather scrapbook or craft instead...your apron is adorable! And I just went into my daughters' room and told her about what Will was see, she just finished that book with the reading guide for Total Language Plus...don't think she liked it as much as Will probably will, being a girl and all...but Monday she starts The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, along with the Total Language Plus guide...I really like that company's stuff! glad you got a little crafty time in...I know I need that to keep my sanity! Happy studying! It will be done sooner than you think! Blessings!

Courtney Walsh said...

1. I want an apron like that and I would buy one from you. (Can I?)

2. I always say I want to learn to sew...and you're right, I should just DO IT. I know I don't have a lot of time right now, but seriously, it would be so good to know how to even stitch on my layouts, which is something I've ALWAYS wanted to learn!!

Hmmm. you've inspired me!!!

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