Friday, April 1, 2011

Keep Your Calendars Open

will reading my side of the mountain 2011
He does this every day. I'm not sure why he likes this particular place but it's where he does his daily reading. Lying right there on the dirty area rug that catches all the grease and food from the stove. I love sentimental moments. But you can't ignore reality.

There's more to this photo than just a sweet, peaceful capture of Will reading. First, there are no tears. For a really long time reading always equated to tears. If there weren't tears there was daily invention of excuses for not reading. My favorite was the day, when asked why he had to learn how to read, I tried to explain he would one day be responsible for leading a family and he would have to know how to read so he could earn a living and be able to understand things before he signed them so he could protect his family from being taken advantage of. I know. I should be embarrassed. I am. But that's how desperate I was. I was running out of arguments. He looked at me and said, "Well I don't understand why my wife can't just do all the reading." We locked horns over reading nearly every day. Reading did not come naturally or easily to him the way it did with Caelan. It was frustrating and difficult for him. He really struggled. But we worked through it and he told me the other day he loves reading.

Second, he's reading one of his daddy's favorite books. Shawn has 2 books from his childhood that he works at getting the boys excited about reading. They are Where the Red Fern Grows and My Side of the Mountain. Because of Will's reaction to Charlotte's Web a few months ago (lots of tears and, "Why did you make me read that horrible book?") I decided he's not ready for Where the Red Fern Grows yet. Shawn pulled out My Side of the Mountain a few days ago and gave it to him. Will's totally fascinated by it. He said he's going to run away and live in the wild but he's going to come home at night.

Today Will came to me and told me he needed to find some wild onions and carrots and asked if I knew where they grew. When I asked why, he grabbed his book and explained that he's going to make a recipe from it for dinner. Frog soup. He also needs turtle shells to serve it in. He's totally serious. And unfortunately we don't have to search long to find wild onions and frogs and turtle shells. I'm holding out hope in the fact that I don't know that we have wild carrots growing anywhere on our land and it's likely that we won't find them. And the fact that frog season doesn't start in Missouri until June 30. If he doesn't forget by then, I'm looking for dinner guests on July 1. My last resort is keeping so busy serving that I don't have time to eat. You're all invited.
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Meshell said...

UGH! That's adorable though. Poor frogs.

Jenifer said...

I am going to put this on my calendar ... why ?? Getting past my fears this year. AND MOST IMORTANTLY ... I Love Will, my bud =)

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