Saturday, May 21, 2011

Because I Plan to Still Be Around After 6PM Today . . .

it's been a busy garden day. The boys bought me summer-blooming flower bulbs for Mother's Day so we're out getting them in the ground.

strawberries 2011 2

And the strawberries are ripening! I took these photos last week. Looks like a good harvest this year. The photo on the left is from plants I put in the ground last fall. The photo on the right is of a bed I planted the previous fall. If you're normally a spring planter of strawberries, consider planting them in the fall instead. You get an extra 6-8 months of growth on them (yes, they continue growing over the winter months) so your second spring after you plant them you can expect massive amounts of strawberries! In another week or so I'll be making jam. Lots and lots of jam.

may's book cover

I have something new and fun to share with you! See that little banner in the upper left-hand corner of this book cover? That's mine. It's from a card I made. It's been a really long time since I contributed to a book. I think Elsie's "recipe" book with KI may be the last one. I already have a tough time keeping up with everything I have going so, even though I love contributing to books, I usually decline. A few months ago I got an email from May Flaum. It started out Dearest Kendra, and I knew I was in trouble. May is the person who hired me to work as a designer for Fiskars. I still can't thank her enough for that. She was so wonderful to work with when she was with them. I loved the concept of her idea she proposed, scrapbooking bloggers sharing their favorite techniques. So not only is it a source for scrapbooking techniques, it also ties in blogging. I couldn't say no. I just received an email from May that the book is available for preorder on Amazon now. And I saw the list of the other contributors. Holy moly I was excited! I'll be in a book with some of my favorite scrapbookers. It's always exciting but it's also always a bit intimidating when you see the other names. I've been doing this a long time and that intimidation is still there. But it's good. It makes me strive to always do my best work and it makes me proud to be trusted to create something that is worthy of being included with the work of others whom I know are admired in the scrapbook community. May will be posting more information on her blog soon. And you can preorder the book here on Amazon's website.

I'll be posting a giveaway of a Fiskars border punch next week so be on the look out for it!
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Cindy deRosier said...

Congratulations! How exciting!

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

We are still using all the jam I made last year, from all of your expert advice & help :-) I have been making plain yogurt with my goats milk, and I use the jam like a fruit on the bottom, and it is great!

I just put in three 16x5 frames of raised beds for strawberries in an area of my garden where there is a big rock so we can not till. I hope to get 150 plants in, though I have no idea how many strawberries that will give us :-) I will make the investment this spring for hopefully strawberries next!

Congrats on the book too - that is so cool. You always cease to amaze me with what you fit into your schedule :-)

hKuhl said...

Hey Kendra! I don't know if you remember me but I worked at Sheri's ScrapNook what seems like a million years ago! :) I found your blog on your Facebook and what I great find! Beautiful pictures and crafts, I can't wait for more!

-Hannah Kuhl

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