Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Garden Journal

garden journal finished
Every year I vow to keep better records of my gardening successes and failures hoping this will lead to fewer failures in the future. What I always end up with is some notes written on a calendar, some in my planner, and some on scads of little pieces of paper that end up getting food spilled on them or lost.

garden journal finished 2
This year I came up with a solution that works with my propensity to make notes. Rather than writing them all in a traditional garden journal, I have a collection of fabric (for more durability than paper) envelopes bound together with rings.

garden journal finished 3
The idea is to write my notes on shipping tags. But if I do end up using a scrap of paper or a Post-It Note, it can be slipped in the envelope as well. If I get it transferred to a tag later, great! If not, at least it is in a safe place protected from dirt and spills.

A tutorial for making this garden journal can be found on the Fiskars website.
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Michelle said...

Kendra, I love it ! Every year I save my seed envelopes and take hundreds of photos of the garden, plants, and harvest. A few make it onto a scrapbook page, but I really want to make a journal \ for each year I can refer to and compare each year's plans and results.
Thanks for giving me the motivation to do this. Your journal is so pretty !
Happy gardening. I am going to finish building my strawberry garden in a corner of the vegetable garden this weekend.

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