Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Words I Thought Would Never Pass My Lips . . .

I need a big purse for my little dog.

I got 2 hours of sleep last night. As I keep reminding you all, I'm 40 now. 2 hours of sleep now is like going without sleep for 2 days when I was 20. And since I couldn't stay awake for 24 hours even when I was 20, that should give you an idea of how tired I am.

I decided at 10:00 this morning that I needed a nap so I went and laid down. And the dog started barking because she wanted in. If you don't respond by opening the door within 60 seconds, she runs next door (1/4 mile away) to my in-laws' house which ends up being annoying to either my in-laws who have to drive her home and let her in the house or to me who has to drive over and get her. So I got up and let her in. I laid down again, fell asleep, and the cat jumped up on me. She proceeded to start "making biscuits." If someone locked me in a room and said "making biscuits" over and over again, it would make me agree to pluck each of my eyelashes out one-by-one because it would be less painful than hearing the words, "making biscuits" in reference to a cat. She walked up and down my back 3 times and proceeded to try and lie down on my head to go to sleep. She settled on the middle of my back, which apparently was perfection because then she started purring. I got up and locked her out of the room. And I fell asleep again. The other dog started barking. I went back to sleep. The dog that barked to get in started barking again. I went back to sleep. Both dogs started pacing up and down the hall outside the bedroom, whining to go outside. I ignored and went back to sleep. The dogs barked. I ignored. Then Shawn texted me. "Italian greyhound? Blue." This meant do I want an Italian Greyhound. Dumb question!

Ever since I laid eyes on this little guy and wrote this post, which I higly recommmend you read if you want your heart to melt because he's so adorable, I've wanted an Italian Greyhound. I love this dog.

So, all I have to do is give the word and cutie-patootie in the first photo comes home to me. After my "nap" experience the answer should be a no-brainer. Animals are pain in the butt. More-so than kids. Kids eventually grow out of the please-do-everything-for-me stage. Dogs? Nope. They need you forever. But it makes you feel needed. And feeling loved and needed, isn't that what makes life grand?

Now the question is, if I give the word to bring him home, what do I name him? I had a name in mind when I texted my sis and asked what she thought I should name him. She immediately replied with Bruno. That was the name I had in mind. Then I got corny and said Micheal since he's wearing one white glove. When I saved the photo I named it ig because I was too lazy to type out italian greyhound. When I saw the letters "ig", Iggy came to mind. So right now It's a toss-up between Bruno and Iggy. I think I've come a long way since my kitten (who "ran away") named Bert and my parakeets Oscar and Ernie. Maybe one day I'll tell you about my pony Racey-Speedy.

Speak now or forever hold your peace. Any other suggestions besides Bruno or Iggy?

I have to go now. Dog #2 is whining to go outside and breathing her hot, stinking farm-dog breath in my face.
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Becky said...

Get the big purse, and rock the look, he is so adorable!!


WillieburgScrapper said...

SOOOO CUTE!!! Fantastic photo of Iggy/Bruno!!! That's totally scrap worthy. I like Bruno- it's a big dog name that should fit his personality. :) I'm with you on the 2 hours of sleep thing- I went down at 2:30am and spent all day impersonating a zombie.

kylie said...

what about Blue for a name? are you going to get to dress him up like the other guy?

jkhenson said...

I like Blue, too! :) Second choice is Iggy. :) SOO cute! And I need my sleep, too!! :) But I sure do love a dog (mess making, needy goofballs that they are :))

Megan Renfree said...

Wow, this is so bizarre. After reading this post yesterday, as I was waiting outside the lunchbar today an italian greyhound game up to me and said hello while he waited for his owner inside. I have never seen one of these dogs before, except for in your post! and..my boss's name is Bruno!! I think its totally a sign! I totally had to come back to this post and comment about it :o) You totally need to get him..and call him Bruno!

Stahl Family said...


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