Thursday, July 7, 2011

Welcome to Our Home

italian greyhounds come home

If we're not Facebook friends, you don't know yet that last Friday we brought these cute little bugars home. I tried not to get my hopes up when we went to look at them because they still had to pass inspection by the vet. Shawn looked them over for all of 15 seconds and loaded them into the car. They passed!


This is Benito (Benny).


And this is Alfonso (Fonzie).

Their personalities are spot-on in these photos! They're completley different.

Originally we were only going to bring one home but my sister wanted one, too. Benny is hers. We couldn't deliver him to her until yesterday so we got to keep them both for 5 days. We got to see them learn how to run. Sad, but true. It appears they had been caged for all of their 9 months. We got to see them learn to climb stairs. Got to see their first experience with a cat. Hysterical! We had a lot of fun watching them spend their last 5 days together.

Yesterday we took them both to KC. Today we came back with one. The separation went better than I expected. We didn't see any signs of grieving with Fonzie. The nighttime hours weren't so much fun, though. Being stuck alone in a kennel for the first time is grounds for punishment by means of non-stop barking and, apparently, pooping. We didn't experience either of those when they were kenneled together! I got to stand in the pouring rain at my grandma's this morning cleaning out the kennel and bathing a very stinky puppy. I'm praying for an easier night tonight!

fonzie 2

In spite of the whole housetraining thing and nighttime barkfest, I think he's pretty darn cool.
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Jill said...

Aw, I can see how you fell in love right away with these cuties!

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