Sunday, July 17, 2011

You Should Make These Cookies!

I think the creators of Pinterest are genius. They should get some kind of award. Maybe the Nobel Peace Prize. If inspiring Hope and Change are the qualities winners need, well I think the creators of Pinterest qualify. I hoped for something different in the way I was organizing the inspiring things I found on the internet and they delivered in a big way. It's changed the amount of content I find (more). Changed the amount of time I spend looking (less). Changed the number of inspiring things I actually put into action myself (more).

Friday I went to my board of desserts looking for something new to try. I had pinned a recipe for Fresh Strawberry Yogurt Cake but I didn't have any fresh strawberries. I started looking around the A Spicy Perspective blog where the recipe originated and found a recipe for which I did have all of the ingredients.

Almond Butter Choc Chunk Cookies
Almond Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies. I made one mistake when I mixed up the dough. Since Shawn is not a fan of peanut butter cookies I wasn't sure how these would go over and I certainly didn't want to be responsible for eating his share of them as well as my own. So I halved the recipe. I'll never make that mistake again. Everyone agreed these cookies are fantastic. I describe them as grown-up chocolate chip cookies. They are not gooey (AKA so full of moisture they won't fully cook which I think is a shameful thing to do to a cookie), you do something as bold as sprinkle your dessert with sea salt, and they have a complex flavor between the almond, chocolate, and sea salt. If you don't have almond butter on hand to go make these right now, go put it on your grocery list. You won't regret it!
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SueRoweton said...

I am giving Pinterest a try! It might replace StumpleUpon as my latest internet fave :)

Michelle said...

My two favorites - Almond and Chocolate. Thanks for the recipe. I will definitely try this cookie !

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