Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bookbag Tutorial for Fiskars

bookbag for fiskars

I have a new project up on the Fiskars website today. It's a tutorial for making a bookbag with, surprise-surprise, a pennant banner! I know they are everywhere but they are just so happy that I can't help using them a lot. The bag nice in that, since you create box corners for it versus just sewing two panels of fabric together, it has some depth to it and can accomodate a nice stack of books. Or if you decide to use as a tote bag instead of a bookbag, it's deep enough to carry things like a few groceries, a water bottle,

Week in the Life Thursday Fonzie and Wally
or an Italian Greyhound.

If you read "create box corners" and got intimidated, don't be! Making box corners is very easy. It requires sewing your front and back panels together, cutting a square out of each corner along the bottom, pinching that opening closed, and stitching it closed. Instant depth (and instant I'm-now-far-more-useful) to your bag!

bookmarks for fiskars

Also included in the tutorial are these coordinating bookmarks. There's not really a tutorial for them because I think they're pretty easy to figure out! There is a list of supplies used to make them. One is all paper, one all fabric, one mixed.

The bookbag tutorial can be found on the Fiskars website. If you make one, I hope you'll share it with me!
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