Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's Time To Mix Things Up A Bit

Today is the last day in over 16 years that I will have at least one of my children at home with me all day. Will begins his journey through our public school system tomorrow.

In spite of the concern some of the people in my life have about how it's going to affect me emotionally, Will is so excited I really feel good about it. We are proponents of home schooling but we are not across the board anti away-from-home schooling. God made us such diverse creatures. One size does not fit all situations! And, to be quite honest, we've see abysmal results in some home schooled kids just as we have from public (and private!) school kids. While we'll, of course, always intervene when we see our kids headed in a wrong direction, we also want them to feel like we support them in their choices in life. We want to teach them it's OK to say they want something different and then teach them how to go after it with God's will guiding them.

Will began asking about public school a year ago and after a year of joining them for art and music classes 3 times a week, he's certain he wants to go full time. A year ago we would have said absolutely not. We've hurdled some obstacles in our path this past year so beginning tomorrow we'll give it a go and see if it's where we're supposed to be. We had to make Caelan go when we thought it was his time in 6th grade so it's kind of neat to see the difference in their personalities yet to love them so completely equally.

fabric and sewing scrapbook layout for Fiskars

I have a new project on the Fiskars website. It's a tutorial for making a scrapbook layout completely from fabric. I even printed the photo on fabric. However, since I don't like to conform, I snuck some chipboard letters in there for the title. Even my own "rules" are open to being challenged by ME!

Have you ever used fabric on a layout? If you're ready to try something different, whether it's using a little bit of fabric or a lot of it, this fabric scrapbook layout tutorial can be found on the Fiskars website.

butterfly punch

I'll be drawing a winner for this Butterfly Border Punch tomorrow morning so if you want it, make sure to leave a comment on my last blog entry!
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Alisha said...

Your last blog entry? As in you're leaving blogging, the one you did before this one or the last one with your son at home???

Great LO and I wish you the best with living a different life (without your son home)

Beanie said...

I would love a chance to win - thank you!

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

I have not had to face this yet with my two homeschooled, spend every day with mamma boys LOL But if I ever do, I will want to face it with dignity like you have :-)

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