Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kendra McCracken Picked A Peck of Peppers

jalapenos 2011 2

So that failed. It doesn't have anywhere close to the endearing charm that the alliteration of Peter Piper does. This is my latest project. I had 2 of these. Our spring was so cold this year that all of our plants struggled to get going. So, to make sure some plants survived, we kept planting more. That's how I also ended up with 21 tomato plants. I've frozen the 2 quarts of jalapenos we'll need for winter. This is what was left over.

jalapenos 2011

I did a lot of slicing. I canned 5 pints for sandwiches and nachos and such. I diced more of them and made jalapeno jelly and raspberry jalapeno jelly. I'd never heard of raspberry jalapeno jelly until one of my Facebook friends mentioned it. So very, very good! My plants are still producing so I need to come up with some more ways to preserve them. I found a recipe for Bread and Butter Jalapenos that I want to try. I love the contrast of sweet and spicy. Do you have any favorite ways to preserve jalapenos?

beginning sewing journal cover

I have a new article up on the Fiskars website. This is one of my favorite articles I've done. It may be my very favorite. It's an article on beginning sewing and how I think it should be done. My first experience behind a sewing machine was not a good one and it left me with zero interst in ever using one again. It was in Home Economics (do any of you remember when that's what cooking and sewing class at school was called) and I remember thinking our teacher made Barbara Billingsly look like a slouch. She was a very kind lady but she had no connection with the kids. At least not with one that was a tomboy misfit trying to figure out how her love of burping contests and utter hatred of dresses was ever going to allow her to find a boy who liked her as a girl, not as a pal. It all worked out in the end when I found the boy who swept me off my feet by one day asking me as we ate lunch, "How many potatoes do you think are in a bag of chips? There can't be more than 2. Potato chips are such a rip off." And then he taught me how to fish and how to walk waist-deep in a creek in the pitch black country night catching giant frogs with my bare hands. And how to grow a 7 foot tall tomato plant. And he loved me more with my hair wind-whipped (that's a frightening sight on a curly-headed girl) and my nose (sans make-up) sunburned than he did when I tried to pretend like I cared about having painted finger nails and keeping my clothes from getting wrinkled by the seat belt.

So that's where this article comes from! But, even if you have a young person in your life who wants to learn how to sew yet loves dresses and Barbies and tiaras (or is a boy who doesn't have to explain why he likes burping contests and has an utter hatred of wearing dresses), I feel this is the best way to teach them as well. It's all about fostering a love of learning to sew, not about expecting perfection from the very first stitch. You can find the article on beginning sewing with a tutorial for making this journal cover on the Fiskars website.
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Alisha said...

I am only 29 and it was still called Home Ec in my day :D In fact it still was 5 years later when a family friend was at school. :D

chaun said...

Could you share your Bread & Butter Jalapeno recipe with me?
I have a recipe I'll share with you.

chaun said...

contact me at chaun@satx.rr.com about the jalapeno recipes I have for you. I'd like your bread and butter jalapeno recipe, if you care to share!

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

Jealous, as my peppers didn't do well this year - actually, that's two years in a row now :-(. I did get some round cherry peppers, but not enough to do anything considerable with. And I have had to buy peppers from a different farm stand to freeze for winter HAHA

I read your Fiskars article about beginning sewing - I worked with girls this summer at our church VBS teaching them how to make pillowcases, and it was so great to see kids doing a Home Ec kind of project - they all loved it to!

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