Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lovely, Lazy Saturday

It's been a relaxing day. We slept in. That's 8:30 around here.

shelling be peas

After breakfast we shelled black eyed peas while we watched Rooster Cogburn. I took this one with my remote. Love my remote! I don't like messing with the self-timer on my camera. You have to keep running back and forth between what's going on and the camera and then you get one shot that's posed. It doesn't take everyone long to get either bored or irritated. For under $15 I can set my camera up to photograph a set area, let everyone go on about their business, and take as many photos as I want for as long as I want. As long as they stay within the area I have framed, I get a bunch of photos of us interacting naturally. I guess technically I'm not really acting naturally since I know when I'm going to take a photo. But it's as close as you can get when you don't have an extra person hanging around to stand behind the camera.

We finished up shelling the peas just as the movie was ending. I grilled hamburgers for lunch and we had cantaloupe, tomatoes, and cucumbers from our garden. And tatertots from Ore Ida.

I'm taking a break from studying right now. I'm going to plant my fall peas, green beans, spinich, and lettuce in a bit.

scrapbook workshop book

Tonight I'll be reading May Flaum's new book, Scrapbook Workshop. Mr. Fed Ex delivered my copy yesterday. I can't show my projects but I can show you that they start on page 116.

scrapbook workshop book 2

Here's a collage of bits and pieces from some of the projects in the book. The turquoise heart with the circle around it is from one of my projects.

There is also a layout about my grandpa dying this past January. It's a happy one! I'm glad to have it back. I'll be hanging it in my room. Which brings me to a question I have. What do I call my room? It's not really a scrapbook room because I do more sewing, mini albums, and papercrafting than I do scrapbooking anymore.

butterfly punch

If you have a suggestion, leave a comment. I'll put your name in a drawing for Fiskars Butterfly Border Punch. I adore this punch!

If you don't have a comment about what kind of room I have, you can also leave a comment if you have a suggestion for what you'd like to see on my new-and-improved blog that I'm working on.

Or you can just leave a comment and say, "I want that punch!" Anything goes. Just know it's a limited edition punch and it's not even on the Fiskars website anymore so speak up if you want one!
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Cindy deRosier said...

I think it's your "Creative Studio." Congrats on the publication!!

Terri said... are amazing and I LOVE your Blog, photos, and allowing us to share in your world! How about "The Studio" !?! It sort of embraces all your many creative talents.....just a thought.

Again, you are amazing! Thanks for sharing, Terri

Cyntyz said...

Hello Kendra
I love your blog.
I have been reading it for several months
and I love the style of life you lead ...
is very different from what I have and I see every day ...

From Northern Mexico.

Paula Barber said...

The Office of Artistic Therapy.

Keira would love that punch. (and her mamma would too.)
Happy Planting. I've got some spinach I should go throw in the ground too. Thanks for the reminder.

Alisha said...

I call my room my Studio. I do a bit of everything in here.

Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your blog. Tfs:) Would "craft room" describe it? Linda J

Sue said...

Wow, never seen that punch before, I would love to win it - and would happily pay the S&H fee to get it all the way over to Australia! Sue

Pam said...

I'd call it Kendra's Krafty Korner!

or just your 'hobby' room if you don't want to be corny like me. :)

MilliD said...

How about The Playroom or The Toyroom? When my husband calls and says, "Whacha doin'?" I usually say "Just playin' with my toys." Hey, it keeps me occupied and out of trouble; sounds like the requirements I had for my kids' toys, so why not call it like it is? :)

Meg Giroux said...

Love this punch!!!! Where did you ever find it?

I say you call it your "creative escape"

Beanie said...

Oops! I accidentially left it on the one before :) I've got it all figured out now!

Farmers 8 Daughters said...

I just planted black eyed peas for the first time. You blogged about them once, and I saw them on clearance for $.10 a pack, so thought I would try to get them for a special meal like the one you do. I'm always copying you HEHE

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