Monday, August 1, 2011

Week In The Life Cont.

Thursday I was grateful to have a lot of time to work on my medical transcription study. Some days just work out to where everything just clicks and I have no interruptions. LOVE those days because it's nice to have no frustration with how much I'm accomplishing.

Week in the Life Thursday Harper's Escape
Our day started of with Harper running into the "forest" when Will had her outside playing. He is such a good pet owner, especially for someone so young. She's not declawed but she is not outdoor wise either. And living out in the country makes it more dangerous. Will came running into the house and did something he knows he's not supposed to do. He interupted adult conversation. He's supposed to place his hand on ours to let us know he needs to say something but this time, with big tears in his eyes, he tugged on my arm and promptly interrupted. It was sweet to see him so concerned and understanding that sometimes it's OK to break the rules. And naughty Harper earned herself a new rule. No playing outside without a bell around her neck.

Week in the Life Thursday Harper's Bell
She's protesting the new rule! I have a real cat collar with a bell on my shopping list for today.

Week in the Life Thursday Brushing Trudy
Trudy was the hero of the day. She found Harper out in the woods and took us to her. She was rewarded with a good brushing. She protested her reward!

Week in the Life Thursday Bagel Pizzas
Lunch was bagel pizzas. I think these are fun since you get to personalize them. And they're quick and easy!

Week in the Life Thursday Watermelon from the Garden
Watermelon from our garden.

Week in the Life Thursday Volunteering
Small town. Horrible economy. Even the kids are struggling to find jobs. So some of them are volunteering at a summer long sports camp here.

Week in the Life Thursday Fonzie and Wally
My little guy as close to looking ferocious as I think he ever will. So ferocious it made me laugh!

Week in the Life Friday Pancakes
Friday started with pancakes. We normally have them on Wednesday morning but we somehow got off schedule.

Week in the Life Friday Cleaning Frog Legs 2
The guys went frogging Thursday night. They don't gig, they wade which has to be done at night.

Week in the Life Friday Cleaning Frog Legs
It's too dark and late by the time you get home so the first thing they did Friday morning was clean frogs.

Week in the Life Friday Working In The Garden
Then it was to the garden. Caelan and I had a huge fight right after I took this.

Week in the Life Friday Porch Railing
This is what our porch railing looks like most days during the summer. Between cows and mowing and fishing and frogging and chickens and gardening, we have a lot of filthy clothes.

Week in the Life Friday McDonalds
After it got too hot to work outside, Shawn and I went to town to run errands. I had a BOGO coupon for McDonald's drinks that was about to expire. Shawn loves their Frappe Mochas. I don't. I tried the pinapple mango smoothie. Eh. But I'm not a smoothie fan either. Give me ice cream!!!

Week in the Life Friday Jalapeno Jelly
I made jalapeno jelly for the first time. I used the recipe in the Certo box. I suggest you not use the recipe in the Certo box. I now have 2 jars of jalapeno flavored stuff that is the consistency of gummy bears. It won't even spread on hot toast.

Week in the Life Friday Frog Leg Dinner
Frog leg dinner with my in-laws!

Week in the Life Friday P90X
P90-X for me.

Week in the Life Friday Video Games
And the boys' day ended with video games.
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