Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cinnamon Cucumbers and the McCracken Household Job Hunt

cinnamon cucumbers

My latest article for Fiskars is up on the website now. If you have an abundance of cucumbers (even if they are yellow!) you can find a recipe for turning them in to a yummy apple-like treat, Cinnamon Cucumbers, here on the website.

I've had a week, since submitting my final exam, to relax and unwind and do things at my own pace without anything rushing me. I cleaned ceiling fans and light fixtures. I cleaned out the frightening mess of clothes in our closet. The size of the pile donations is quite humorous for someone who is a walking fashion disaster. I wiped down doors. I got my computer worked on so I can open Photoshop without my computer coming to a virtual stop. That means I can finally download the Totally Rad actions I bought last December! And I can print photos for all the long-distance relatives so they see what my kids look like. I got to go to KC and see my little sister's new house and help my grandma clean. I spent a lot of time visiting with my mom. I got to spend 2 1/2 hours in my favorite thrift store and came home with a big Kohl's bag packed full of "new" clothes. A pair of jeans (the waistband doesn't gap which is a big deal for me!!!), a pair of cords, 2 jackets (1 American Eagle), 3 sweaters (1 American Eagle), 2 shirts (including the most awesome embroidered Lucky Brand shirt that I can't wait to wear), a jean jacket (that looks fantastic with the Lucky shirt), and a vintage suede coat. All for $46. Shawn was folding clothes yesterday and just shook his head when he saw I'd bought more jackets. Frequent possession of black bananas and my affinity for coats are just 2 of my flaws! I'm eager for the end of October to get here. We have a girls' thrift store day in KC planned and I can't wait to show them my favorite places!

Now that my week of relaxation is over it's time to buckle down again. I got my results on my final yesterday and I passed "with honors!" That means I got an A-. So it's time to get a job! Will is in school now and the big garden season is over. Those two changes in my life mean I have until next spring to get my days routined. My biggest desire in that regard is to get my work day set in stone. One of the "benefits" of being a medical transcriptionist from home is that your schedule is flexible. You work when you can. That may work for some people but I learned by doing the course that way that it's stressful for me. I need set hours. When I started the program the idea was when I finished I would work part time. Now that I'm finished the plan has changed. I'm looking for full time hours.

Shawn's been out of work since May. The economy being in the state it's in hasn't left the veterinary industry unaffected. It's so crazy to us that he's gone from regularly turning away work to being unable to find any prospects in the 2-hour drive area he's established as reasonable. This year has been a really tough one for us in a lot of ways. There's so much that's happened with us that we don't share, situations we've faced and decisions we've had to make that people in our lives know nothing about. It's made me realize how unfair I've been in the past about my opinions of decisions other people have made during challenging times in their lives. Most people, even if they make what turn out to be bad decisions, are simply doing the best they can at the time and you never know what factors they don't share that affect those decisions.

We're not through the decision making yet. We're actually approaching the roughest part, deciding whether Shawn moves to Florida or Las Vegas for jobs that are available and leaves us behind until Caelan graduates and we sell everything to join him or whether he starts a clinic from nothing here. Other practices aren't hiring because the clients just aren't coming in unless they have to and we're faced with competing for that dwindling client base. Veterinary Economics magazine isn't offering much moral support. So we're going through all this uncertainty that looks to have no solution that offers any sense of security! Nothing jumps out and says this is the obvious answer. I'm so grateful for all the prayers being said for us. We're definitely going through this humbled and relying completely on faith. I think I have a little more going for me in the faith department because I believe God has given Shawn such exceptional skill at what he does that building up his clientelle won't be as difficult as he is anticipating. Word of mouth is powerful advertising. He doesn't have the luxury of thinking that way. It's all economics for him with no room for pride!

Enough Debbie Downer! No matter what happens, we've come through this with our marriage not only intact but strong. My husband is such an amazing person. Through all the stress I know he's feeling, he's never let it affect his relationship with any of us. He's here physically but also mentally and emotionally. And that is one thing that does give us a sense of security, that our family is going to be OK no matter where we end up. And that is far more important than anything else he could give us.
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Catbert said...

We (at the Rosterman household) can relate to your struggles in ways no one will ever know. I am praying for you as well Kendra!

Your husband is the best Vet we ever had - honestly! So sad that talent is not being used to the fullest.


Jayna said...

I don't know you, but wanted to offer an encouraging word. =)

You're right that your strong marriage is a definite asset during this difficult time - as is your strong faith! Hang in there! It'll all come together!

Pattie said...

Many MT companies actually aren't "work when you can." They have set hours. I've worked for both types. So if you're looking for set hours, you should be able to find something. Good luck on your search! Have you checked out mtjobs.com?

DH was out of work for almost two years when he was laid off when the company he worked for closed, and he went back to school. It's been a rough two years. Good luck to you!

jkhenson said...

Prayers for you all being said now and daily! :) Hugs of encouragement sent, too!!

JenW said...

Woot Woot !!! CONGRATULATIONS on your A =) So proud of you. =)
I will continue to pray for you the job situation. Love your family and want you here and I know that is selfish... Looking forward to our flea market trip !!! Another Woot Woot.
Jen =)

Amy said...

Congratulations on finishing the MT course, Kendra!! I'll be praying that you and Shawn both find work that is exactly what y'all are looking for!! Please keep us posted!

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