Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One of Life's Big Mysteries

fonzie 10-18-11

  • He has fleas that flea shampoo and Frontline can't kill.
  • He gave the cat fleas.
  • He always stinks. Even after a bath.
  • He peed on my slippers.
  • He peed on my shirt hanging on my closet doorknob the other day.
  • He pulled my suede coat off the couch last night and peed on it.
  • Today he scratched up the paint on the front door that I painted yesterday.
  • He prefers to crap on the driveway instead of the grass.
  • He barks all night if I put him in his kennel.
  • I have to keep him on a leash in the house when I can't watch him 100%.
  • He won't stop jumping on our old dog and "flexing his abs" as Will says.
  • He tears out the trash.
  • He eats his own poop.
  • He chases the chickens off and eats their food.
  • He chases the chickens off and eats their bread.
  • He chews holes in the handles of jugs of oil. Vegetable oil, motor oil. He's not picky as long as it's messy.

    Would someone please explain to me why I like this dog? Because I do.
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    Regina said...

    Hi Kendra. I totally get it. We have a puppy that we adopted when he was 6 months old and has his "moments" too. Then he looks at me and I think Oh you are so cute and forget about the pile of pee that he just made in our living room after walking him for a half hour.

    Pam said...

    It has to be because of how cute he is!

    Beeks by the Lake said...

    You crack me up girl! Have you had him checked for mites too? That may be an underlying problem. They have some special vaccine for it.

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