Monday, November 28, 2011

Pinterest Inspired

Have I mentioned before that I love Pinterest? My friend Sue loves Pinterest, too. She wrote one week that she loves it so much she thinks she needs Pintervention! She's always posting projects she's made that were inspired by things she saw there. I make things I see on Pinterest, too. But not like Sue does. She's always working on something she saw there. She's always so excited when she posts about it on her blog. And I always get excited when I read about the things she posts on her blog! So I decided to set a goal of making and sharing at least one thing a week, through the end of December, that is inspired by something I saw on Pinterest. If you want to join me and share a Pinterest inspired project you made, I'll have a gallery with a link at the end of each entry where you can share what you made for the week. I'll close it when a new week's gallery opens. You can use my weekly project as your inspiration or your own. And you can post a tutorial or not post a tutorial. The idea is just to put some of those things that inspire you into action.

This week's project was inspired by these canvases.

ETA: I originally had a photo here that was linked to the website where it originated but since it's been pinned on Pinterest as though it was something I created, I've deleted the photo. Please click the above link to see a photo of the beautiful piece that inspired me to make the one you see below.

Aren't they gorgeous? If you want to buy one of these canvases, you can go to the Women Before Us website and do just that! I can tell you after making my own project that these aren't made by grabbing a bunch of doilies from a basket and slapping them on a canvas with some spray adhesive like I did. The doilies look too crisp and perfect for these to be quick projects like mine. You can even send your own doilies (or your mom's or grandma's) and have them made into one of these gorgeous creations. I don't have family heirloom doilies so I made my own.

When I started, I planned to keep it simple and make my canvas just like those on the Women Before Us site. However, my base doilies came from The Dollar Tree. They were all the same and nowhere near as pretty as the doilies used on the Women Before Us canvases. They couldn't stand on their own and so I had to do my canvas a little differently. But I still made myself keep it simple, which is not in my genes. I had to force myself to stop adding stuff. This project only took me about 30 minutes to complete. Success!

doily canvas step 1I started by painting an 11" x 14" canvas off white.

doily canvas step 2
When the paint was dry, I used a spray adhesive to adhere the doilies to the canvas.

doily canvas step 3
When the adhesive was dry, I trimmed the excess doily off. You could paint over the whole project at this point with more acrylic paint if you like a more thick, textured look or with spray paint if you just want the color without the texture.

doily canvas 2
I embellished with some smaller doilies and wood buttons I had in my stash.

doily canvas 3
I layered some fabric scraps (2" squares that I folded), stamped on the muslin scrap, and stitched them all to the canvas.

doily canvas
And in 30 minutes I had this.

I'll be back tomorrow to post my Pinterest inspiration for the week!

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Cheryl said...

I have this same project pinned! Yours turned out beautiful. I love the pop of color. I can't believe it only took you a half hour.

Ann said...

I love this project and need something for a certain spot. I may do this. Wish I'd have read this before I went to the dollar tree yesterday for batteries. Do you have a dollar tree in Bolivar? I ask because I am going to be there for a long weekend this coming weekend.

Kendra said...

Our Dollar Store closed. There's a Dollar Tree on the north end of Springfield right across from Lowes.

My schedule is full Saturday but if you have time for lunch or something while you're here, let me know.

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