Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pinterest Inspired Week 2

mecury glass 4b
Whew! This one was hard to photograph! It didn't matter whether I used natural light or bounced flash, because the surfaces are mirrored, I got reflections from the light. Natural light seemed to work better so here it is. DIY mercury glass. I found this months ago on Pinterest and it was linked to Martha's website so I used that tutorial. Here is a link to my pin.

mercury glass before
It's really easy. Clean your glass well, protect the outer surfaces with newspaper (don't try to skip this step!), spritz the inside of the container with water, apply light coats of Krylon's Looking Glass paint. Paint that you, of course, buy with a 40% off coupon because it is expensive! I didn't take a photo of the can but it's smaller than the average can and has a silver mirrored cap.

I paid $4 for all of my glass at thrift stores. I was lucky to find these glass trees on the same day at 2 different stores in town. Sad that they are always sterotyped as vessels for red and green Hershey's Kisses or M&Ms, I decided to show they can be dressed up fancy for the holidays, too.

I have to admit that as I was waiting for the paint to dry, I was disappointed in how drippy the paint was. You dry the containers upside down which means when you turn them right-side up, the runs travel in the wrong direction. Not that I prefer runs to begin with! But I'm not sure you can prevent them if you're spritzing with water initially, which prevents the paint from sticking to the glass in spots and gives the mercury glass look.

I did find another tutorial that, if I do this again, I would probably try instead. Instead of spritzing with water, you paint the inside of the container first using 4-5 light coats, allowing them to dry for a minute or so between. I do recommend using several light coats regardless of what method of distressing you use. After you're finished painting but before it is completely dry, you spritz the paint with a 50/50 mix of vinegar and water. The full tutorial can be found through this pin.

mercury glass 4
And I'll close with a photo that shows even though they have a mirrored finish, they also have some opacity when strong light passes through. Here it's window light but you get this same appearance with a votive (battery operated for safety reasons since they have lids!) inside them.

If you have a Pinterest inspired project you'd like to share, feel free to add it to the gallery below.

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