Sunday, February 19, 2012

Margie Pearls

02-18-12  Margie Pearls 2

I got out of the house again yesterday. That was two days in a row! I thought I could do my next Fiskars project (which I'm so excited about!!!) using fabrics I already have on hand but since someone decided that Tango Tangerine is THE color for 2012, I "had" to go to Margie Pearls. I can't say that I complained too much. Or at all.

02-18-12  Margie Pearls

I love fabric shopping and the good thing about going to Margie Pearls is Will gets just as excited as I do about going. They have giant tubs of buttons set out around the store and Will spends his time searching through them. He looks for wood buttons for me (there aren't very many so I'm always surprised when he finds a couple) and funky buttons for him. They're only a nickle apiece so for $1 or less, I keep him happy while I shop.

I was all smug when I went to the counter because I was going to be able to go home with proof that Shawn is wrong. He says I can't buy fabric without buying at least one that is turquoise. I had one yard of orange fabric in my hands when I got to the counter. Then I saw the huge table of fat quarters that were on sale for $1.50 each.

02-18-12  Margie Pearls 3

I couldn't pass these up. So I had to pass on my smugness this trip. Something funny to note about my fabric choices when I'm working on projects that aren't for our home. I always buy all these happy colors and fun patterns. They are nothing like what I buy to sew for our home. If I believed in astrology I'd be the perfect fit for my Gemini sign. I equally love both these happy fun fabrics and all the neutrals I use in our home. I make up for the missing patterns with textures. It has me curious to know if most people craft with different colors than they decorate with or if that's just one of my idiosyncracies.

02-18-12  Margie Pearls 4

When I finally made it to the cash register, Will found these pens and started begging for one. He has an affinity for pens. I still think he has a supressed artist inside him. I'm anxiously waiting for it to take over his military/video game phase. Anyway, I was going to buy him one and the owner of Margie Pearls showed me how they work. They have an "eraser" on the end. You can use these as a marking pen on fabric and then either erase the marks when you're done or iron them away. I hate marking with chalk because it always does one of 2 things. It doesn't show up or it rubs off before you're ready for it to. Not a fan of disappearing ink pens either. I usually just use a pencil. I'm sure that's considered sacreligious to some! I do always wish I could remove the marks but my laziness and impatience wins out every time. I bought myself one of these pens and I'm hoping it really works. I'll let you know in the next few days.

Off to sew some chevron!
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