Saturday, February 4, 2012

What a Hat! I Like it! I Like That Party Hat!

Yesterday, Shawn and I had a busy day. His grandma died about a year ago and we've (99% he, 1% me) have been cleaning her house out. We worked on it for a few hours before going to pick Will up from school. It was a rushed afternoon and he was a little on the irritable side. We pulled into the gas station and as we pulled up to the pump, a lady standing at the pump next to us started grinning to the point where she was nearly laughing. He said, "What is she grinning at? Who stands at the gas pump and grins that big when they're all alone?" *Insert dramatic mocking of grinning woman.* I began making excuses for her. I stand at the gas pump alone and grin! I said, "Maybe she can hear her radio through the car window. I turn the radio up so I can her when I'm pumping gas."

Shawn 02-04-12_1510
And then he got out of the car, turned toward it, and saw his reflection. And he started laughing. *Insert dramatic pointing-at-own-head with tongue stuck out to the side.*

Shawn 02-04-12_1512
Gee, Honey. I wonder what she was grinning at. And never mind the fact that I sat there and looked at him with this hat on his head making excuses for her. *Insert dramatic smack-myself-in-the-head "DUH!"*
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