Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Life is Full of Challenges

cottage cheese and craisins

I've spent about 40 hours this week on Fiskars projects (exciting stuff going on!) on top of my regular work schedule so this is the most exciting thing I have to share right now. It's a new discovery and it was a complete accident. A stray Craisin fell from my salad to my cottage cheese on my plate during pizza buffet lunch and I went with it. It's my new favorite snack. I challenge you to try it! And that's all I got.

burlap challenge tag
I do have a new project up on the Fiskars website. Completing this one was kind of exciting for me. Being the girl who visually assaults you by putting everything but the kitchen sink on my cards and layouts, I wasn't sure I could pull this one off. I was challenged to use only 2 sheets of cardstock, 1/2 yard of burlap, and 1 Fiskars stamp set. And, of course, ink was OK. You can find the tutorial for making these burlap and cardstock tags on the Fiskars website. You can also find Emma Jeffrey's take on the challenge there. She made invitations in fantastic little burlap envelopes!
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